'Adventures In Babysitting' Then Vs. Now

One of my favorite movies from my childhood is the 1987 classic comedy Adventures in Babysitting, starring Elizabeth Shue, because it made babysitting seem like such a cool adventure, despite the amazing amounts of responsibility put upon the teen in charge of childcare. Disney Channel has re-imagined the flick as its 100th original movie, so how is this Adventures in Babysitting different from the original? According to the Disney Channel description, there is definitely one main difference: The 2016 adventure features not just one babysitter, but two, played by Girl Meets World star Sabrina Carpenter and Austin & Ally's Sofia Carson. The new movie is currently available on VOD and will have its Disney Channel premiere on Saturday night at 8 p.m.

The original 1987 film follows Chris Parker (Shue) on a particularly crazy night of babysitting hijinks in Chicago, which includes car-jacking, romance, fights, and the famous scene where Chris sings the blues at a club with the kids. Fast forward to 2016 and the new Adventures in Babysitting follows Jenny Parker (Carpenter) and rival Lola (Carson) as phones get accidentally swapped and Lola decides to take on one of Jenny's babysitting gigs, according to Disney. But when things go hilariously wrong, Jenny has to juggle watching the kids with cleaning up Lola's mess.

There are plenty of call backs to the original film, too — like Jenny's last name and how the Anderson family is in need of babysitting in both flicks. But aside from the double sitter action, here's what else is different about the new Adventures in Babysitting.

Internship Competition

The Disney Channel movie begins with ambitious high school student Jenny and the rebellious college dropout Lola facing off for a prestigious photography internship, a plotline that did not exist in the original film.

Jenny Babysits For Her Professor's Family

In the 1987 movie, Chris' mom makes her daughter babysit for the Anderson family. In the 2016 version, the Anderson family is that of Jenny's professor, who is due to write a recommendation letter for the college hopeful. Naturally, this drives up the stakes for Jenny to make sure she stays in good standing with the family, despite what Lola is up to.

Cell Phones

Back in 1987, there was no cell phone swapping possible, but it's totally a thing in 2016.

More Kids

In 2016, Jenny is watching the Coopers and Lola was watching the Anderson kids, which means they have their hands full with four kids. The 1987 version only features an 8-year-old named Sara, a 15-year-old named Brad (who has a crush on Chris), and his friend Darryl.

Rap Battle

The 1987 version features the aforementioned blues performance by Chris and the kids. But in 2016, that turns into a rap battle in which Jenny and Lola dish it out on stage.

The Chase

In the original flick, the crazy night is set in motion when Chris goes to retrieve her friend Brenda from a bus station. The 2016 adventure kicks off when the eldest Anderson sneaks out of the house to attend a concert, which turns out to involve a pawn shop ticket scalper and a precious ferret.

As for the rest of the adventure, you'll have to check it out for yourself on the Disney Channel to see how this version of Adventures in Babysitting ends.

Images: Ed Araquel/Disney Channel (7)