You've GOT To Try This Starbucks Secret Menu Drink

The Starbucks Pink Drink recently took over the internet as everyone's new go-to hot weather beverage, but it looks like it might have some competition now: The Starbucks secret menu Purple Drink is the latest menu hack to become a social media sensation. It's not hard to see why, either; the fruit-and-non-dairy-milk concoction sounds like a perfectly delicious treat when you're looking to cool down in these scorching summer temps. True, it's not an official Starbucks drink (not is it on the unofficial Starbucks Secret Menu website) — but that's the beauty of the coffee giant. The drinks are so customizable that you can create things like Purple Drink just by placing a regular order with a few well-thought-out substitutions. Neat, right?

The Purple Drink requires just a few more ingredients than its pinker counterpart and sounds equally tasty. Somewhat similar to its sister drink — which is made by combining Starbucks' Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk — the Purple Drink is made with blackberries, non-dairy milk, passion fruit iced tea, and vanilla syrup. Some thirsty customers have used soy milk as their non-dairy milk of choice, but I hear that using coconut milk results in a more refreshing beverage; you do you, though. If you're more of a soy fan than a coconut one, go for it.

There's also one small catch, albeit one that doesn't take away from the tastebud tingling magic: While social media posts depict a happily vibrant purple drink, here's your heads up that good lighting and effective filters could be the reason why. Danielle Tullo over at Cosmopolitan recently ordered the Purple Drink twice — once with soy milk and once with coconut — and found it to be more pink than purple. Maybe it's really more of a red-leaning purple, though; it's definitely not the same color as Pink Drink, so at least there's that.

Regardless, this sneaky secret menu hack sounds like a fun (and even healthy!) new mix that's perfect for the season. Here, feast your eyes on its delightfully refreshing appearance:

While the Purple Drink and Pink Drink aren't official menu items, you can easily hit up your local Starbucks and ask them to whip one up one of the not-so-secret drinks for you anyway. You might want to avoid ordering them by name, as there's no guarantee the barista will know what you're talking about; however, it's easy to order it by just giving them the recipe (passion fruit iced tea with non-dairy milk, vanilla syrup, and a handful of fresh blackberries). I'm personally a huge fan of both drinks; they're a lighter, less caffeine-y option for the triple digits temperatures I'm currently enduring — although that still doesn't stop me from enjoying a steaming cup of coffee. Sometimes that's just what you need, you know?

Now, go forth, order the Purple Drink, and bless our Instagram feeds. Purple is the new pink.

Image: Ajale/Pixabay