Hiddleswift Just Took A Big Step

by Michelle McGahan

It looks like Summer 2016 is officially the season of #Hiddleswift. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were spotted at Selena Gomez's concert in Nashville on Tuesday night, making it a double date night out with Swift's high school bestie Abigail Anderson and her boyfriend Matt. This tidbit of information — captured, of course, on countless fan Snapchats — is crucial for oh so many reasons: One, it's proof that Swift and Hiddleston are still going strong; two, meeting Swift's closest girlfriends (that would be Anderson and Gomez) is a huge step in the relationship; and three, because they spent all night dancing together at the show. Obviously the Met Ball was practice for something.

Thanks to numerous eagle-eyed fans in attendance, there is no shortage of Hiddleswift video footage from Gomez's Nashville tour stop. There are videos of the two dancing together (well, T. Swift and Anderson dancing and Hiddleston kinda just rocking out next to them), as well as clips of some super sweet Hiddleswift PDA. Because if there is one thing that is abundantly clear about this relationship, it's that the singer and actor are all about those public displays of affection (see: those paparazzi shots that first alerted the world of their romance in the first place).

Without question, this entire night is right-in-your-face evidence that the Hiddleswift romance is just getting started. For one, there's the notion that the two went on a double date with Swift's childhood best friend and her boyfriend — in Swift's hometown of Nashville. That alone is enough proof that it looks like this romance is more than just a summer fling — after all, everyone knows that meeting the OG BFF and spending time in one partner's hometown is some serious business. Then there's the fact that they chose to go on a date to Gomez's show, where they undoubtedly spent time with the "Same Old Love" singer (conveniently, T. Swift's other bestie). Hanging out with not one, but two of Swift's best friends in one night? Hiddleston is certainly smitten.

And then, of course, is the dancing and PDA — obvious hallmarks of any couple happily spending some time together, for sure. The carefree way the two are cozied up together at the show (without a care in the world, despite having to know that there are thousands of fans below who are taping them) shows a couple blissfully unaware of anything but the moment that they're in.

Hiddleswift is just getting started — and with an entire summer stretched out ahead of them, it seems like fans can expect a lot more outings like this one.