That 'Malcolm In The Middle' Reunion Could Happen

Sound the alarms, fellow millennials. Our new hero, Bryan Cranston is singlehandedly breathing life back into our childhoods. Not only is Cranston going to play Zordon in the Power Rangers movie, he also might be helping to resurrect something even more monumental. According to E! Online, Cranston said there have been talks about a Malcolm in the Middle reunion. I guess life isn't so unfair, after all.

Despite his own sweet yet personal desire to have a Malcolm in the Middle reunion in order to spend time with the cast again, it's clear that the idea to resurrect the show has been taken somewhat seriously. The actor notes that it's a somewhat tricky endeavor that thought has been put into,

There's a possibility we want to start talking about the possibility of putting together a story that makes sense about that family 10 years or 12 years later. ...I don't know how everything works anymore but all I want to do is tell the story and have a good experience.

I agree with Cranston wholeheartedly. The sake of a reunion just to have a reunion would diminish the legacy of the standout show. That said, fortunately, I think there is so much material to work with regarding the zany family. Because I want a Malcolm in the Middle reunion sooner than later, I've come up with a few storylines that I think could easily be a driving force for a reunion.

1. Malcolm Has A Quarter Life Crisis

Malcolm loses his job and has a breakdown, which causes him to move back home with Lois and Hal, who in turn, call the rest of the older boys home to help snap him out of it. Even though, you know, they don't want to.

2. Jamie Runs Away

And all four of his brothers come home to help his parents find the young, devious genius, who most likely doesn't want to be found.

3. Lois And Hal Are On The Brink Of Divorce

So, the five boys conspire to get them back together... mostly because they don't want to have deal with their histrionics.

4. Reese's Wedding

To someone they all collectively hate, and the family bonds together as they try to sabotage the wedding before it can happen.

5. Dewey Conducts His First Major Symphony

Everyone gathers together for a long weekend to celebrate Dewey's achievement, but absolute chaos ensues... both before, during, and after the concert. Poor Dewey.

6. They Try To Break Francis Out Of Jail

Perhaps the most fitting way to get the family to band together and use their evil for good... ish. Let's be real, Francis probably deserves to be in prison.

Malcolm in the Middle powers that be, you're welcome. Call me up if there's an empty spot in the writer's room.

Image: 20th Century FOX