This Is Why Ticketmaster Is Giving Out Vouchers

Today you'll be hearing a lot about the Ticketmaster settlement and wondering why Ticketmaster is giving out free vouchers. For the confused parties among us, here's what went down: Basically, 13 years ago, two guys bought some tickets to see Wilco via Ticketmaster. When they looked at their receipt, they realized they were charged a lot of money in fees that they had not accepted or been notified about. And Ticketmaster did not state that they would be making a profit off of the extra charge — as they are legally required to do.

Soon after that they called a lawyer, and started what turned out to be a massive class act lawsuit that was just settled. The reason why there's such a frenzy around the subject is because if you were a customer who purchased tickets between Oct. 21, 1999, and Feb. 27, 2013, you may be eligible for free ticket vouchers or a discount on tickets and/or shipping. Which is basically like everyone, right?

The hitch is, however, the ticket vouchers are not eligible for every show. There's a limited amount of shows to pick from, which you can find on this webpage that lists the eligible shows. If you want to see if you're eligible, follow these steps:

Log Onto Your TicketMaster Account

Head over to and log into your account — if you can remember all your deets, that is.

Stress Out Over Forgetting Your Password

Darn, you really don't remember it. Go through all 11 of your email addresses that you use for websites like this until you find the one that it recognizes. Hint: it's probably Hotmail.

Recover It

Reset your password and finally log on to your account. Notice that it has you located in a city that you haven't lived in for a decade. Laugh about how funny it is that you went to a Goo Goo Dolls concert and loved it.

Go To Your Account

Hit that tab in the upper right hand corner that says "My Account." Garner excitement and anxiety as you wait for the next page to load.

Look Up Active Vouchers

On the lower left hand side, locate the "Active Vouchers" tab and click. Here you'll find an account summary of your post-settlement treasures. Make sure to read the fine print.


If you're lucky like me, you've been awarded a whole $2.25. Jump for joy and spend the rest of your day dreaming about how you might spend this lucky treasure.


Join the rest of the internet in poking fun at the situation, because who wants to be left out?

Images: Courtesy of Kaitlyn Wylde