Target X Superga Is Summertime Dream Come True

Anytime Target teams up with other brands/designers, you know it’s going to be good. As if the store's shoe section wasn't already irresistible enough, Target and Superga sneakers have just hit the shelves of the department store. I already can’t go into the store without a list because it results in two carts full of things when I only went in to retrieve one item! Now there's really no hope for me. Update: A PR Rep confirmed that this is "a launch of a designer collection with Target-exclusive styles, patterns and fabrics" rather than a design collaboration.

These are certainly worth a spot on your list because they’re classics. Superga is known for creating simple shoes that you can wear anywhere and everywhere, and the designs they’ve created in collaboration with Target are just as versatile. You can shop everything from black faux leather sneakers to ones that have the American flag on them, because July 4th is just around the corner, after all.

The even better news is you don’t have to wait to shop these incredible sneakers. According to Glamour, they’re on sale on the Target website now, and they’ll be available in stores on June 26. They range from $29.99 to $34.99, and they’re only available for the next six weeks or while supplies last. So, you need to act fast. And if you do, you’ll be majorly rewarded. How? With a summer shoe game that’s next level, of course.

1. Bright Green

Superga Canvas Low Top Sneakers in Green, $30, Target

These green sneakers are perfect to wear to that picnic you've been planning.

2. Seeing Stars

Superga Canvas Start Print High Top Sneakers, $35, Target

Annnd now your Fourth of July outfit is complete.

3. Simple High Tops

Superga Canvas High Top Sneakers in Grey, $35, Target

If you're looking for an ultra cool and versatile pair of shoes for the summer season, well, here they are.

4. All-White Sneakers

Superga Canvas Low Top Sneakers in White, $30, Target

You can wear these with denim cut-offs, sundresses and more. Because they're no wrong way to style these super cute shoes.

5. Sophisticated Faux Leather

Superga PU Low Top Sneakers in Black, $30, Target

For a dressed down look that's completely chic, throw these on with your outfit.

6. Pop Of Color

Superga Deep Canvas Low Top Sneakers in Red, $30, Target

So, you want to add a little bit of extra color to your summer look? Now you can.

Shop these pieces and more on the Target website now. What are you waiting for? These sneakers are calling your name!

Images: Courtesy Target (6)