When 'Silicon Valley' Returns For Season 4, Fans Need These 7 Storylines For The Pied Piper Gang

While it has been another trying season on Silicon Valley for Richard Hendricks and the Pied Piper gang, Season 3 showed the company with more fame than ever before. However, Pied Piper is also floundering with several PR missteps, a complicated and ill-received platform, and the use of a questionable click farm for page views. It seems the higher the company has climbed, the harder the potential failure. This edge-of-your-seat comedy is what makes Silicon Valley great. But, is this mix of comedy and suspense enough to warrant a Silicon Valley Season 4?

According to Deadline, HBO not only renewed Silicon Valley for a fourth season, but in one fell swoop renewed its entire Sunday night lineup for 2017. That’s right, the dream team is coming back next spring with Game Of Thrones Season 7, Silicon Valley Season 4, and Veep Season 6. Thank you, HBO! And though a premiere date has not been announced, since every previous season of Silicon Valley has started in April, it's very likely that Season 4 will too, so look for Pied Piper on your TV in spring 2017.

With a fourth season secured and the Season 3 finale just around the corner on Sunday, June 26, fans are starting to speculate about what’s next for Richard, Erlich, Gilfoyle, Dinesh, and Jared. While the element of surprise is what keeps Silicon Valley fans on their toes, there are some things viewers are dying to see.

1. More of Jared’s Past

Jared’s quiet asides stole the show this season. From tragic childhood anecdotes about foster homes and a doll named Winnie that was actually a plastic bag stuffed with newspaper (with a smile that he drew on) to under-his-breath comments about planning estate sales for elderly friends, I hope that Season 4 brings more insight to the optimistic and melancholy tapestry of Jared’s life.

2. Better Luck For Erlich

Erlich may be a tad too… er, Erlich. But, he fell so hard this season that there is something heartbreaking about seeing the dreamer as the butt of the joke. HBO has hinted that in the finale episode Erlich finds his stride, stating in a press release: “Erlich’s publicity success leaves Richard in a moral quandary.” A moral quandary? Richard probably learns about the click farms. Whatever the "quandary," I just hope Erlich comes out on the upswing.

3. The Box Fails

Gavin Belson is becoming more and more unglued. And, I think the failing box would be a win for fans because of the success it would mean for Pied Piper. It would also be a win for viewers who love watching Gavin bring strange animals to the Hooli campus.

4. Richard Finally Learns Something

Richard lacks maturity and is his own worst enemy. While his nail-biting antics have made for good TV, he needs to learn a few lessons before he takes it too far.

5. Big Head Continues To Fail Upward

Watching Big Head’s accidental meteoric rise has been super entertaining. Plus, his fame and connections often leak information to the Pied Piper guys.

6. Love For Dinesh

Perhaps his video chat app really does take off? I just hope something brings Dinesh friends or fame or better yet a girlfriend. The scene of him singing karaoke alone in Jared’s awful jacket was too much to bear.

7. More Female Characters

OK, Silicon Valley, you’re a brilliant show and we have all noticed the effort of bringing on more female characters. But, let’s up the ante in Season 4 and get a woman in on the Pied Piper action.

Before we get too excited about what the gang gets into during Season 4, we'll have to see how the Silicon Valley Season 3 finale unfolds — or, more likely, unravels — on Sunday night.

Images: John P. Johnson/HBO; Giphy (7)