Are You Applying Sunscreen In These Key Spots?

When it comes to protecting your skin from the sun, you need to make sure that you're covered from head to toe. While most of us tend to remember to cover our face, arms, and legs, there are several other areas we forget about when applying sunscreen. For instance, when was the last time you applied any sort of SPF to your scalp? If you're like me, then it's probably been a while (or never). Let's stop suffering from blistered scalps and burned ears by remembering to fully cover ourselves in SPF. It may seem like an unnecessary precaution, but trust me, your skin will thank you for it.

Once you've whipped out your sunscreen, be sure that you're applying the right amount. According to Dr. Darria Long Gillespie, an emergency physician at Emory University Hospital, in an article for Dr. Oz's website, most people are only applying 25 to 50 percent of the recommended amount of sunscreen. That could be the reason that you're missing some of your skin's key areas. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you need enough sunscreen to fill a shot glass in order to give your full body enough protection from the sun. Once you have the right amount, be sure not to miss even the smallest amount of skin. Wondering what those could be? Here are nine places that you should be applying sunscreen, but aren't.

1. Ears

Ears are commonly overlooked during our sunscreen applications. Make sure to cover each and every crevice to keep the delicate skin protected. Better Homes And Gardens even suggested using a cotton swab to apply the sunblock if you're worried about things getting too sticky.

2. Eyes

According to the same Better Homes And Gardens article, sunscreen isn't supposed to be applied directly to your delicate eyelids (protective sunnies can keep them covered). However, the site does suggest to use SPF along your brow bones for extra coverage.

3. Lips

Chapped, burnt lips are the last thing you want to deal with this summer. suggested that using a chapstick with high levels of SPF is a perfect way to keep your smackers protected.

4. Hair & Scalp

While hair does a good job of keeping your scalp protected from the sun, there are spots that are often exposed. According to, bald spots, your hair's part, and your hairline are all areas that are susceptible to sunburn. Keep your scalp protected by dusting a light mineral sunscreen over these areas before heading out into the sun.

5. Upper Thighs

Often times we can forget to really slather on our sunscreen in some pretty important places. Our upper thighs/booty are often spots that we tend overlook. Ward off any unfortunate sunburns this summer by remember to fully cover your upper thighs.

6. Under Bathing Suit Straps

If you're moving around, good chances that your bathing suit is as well. This means that spots under your straps will more than likely be exposed to the sun during some point of the day. SPF is crucial for avoiding unwanted tan lines and possible sunburns.

7. Bikini Line

A sunburned bikini line sounds like a hellish form of torture. Keep that sensitive skin protected by using an SPF 30 or higher along your bikini line.

8. Feet

Don't let your tootsies get the brunt of a bad sunburn this summer. recommended to slather not only the tops of your feet with sunscreen, but the bottoms as well.

9. Hands

Your hands are probably one of the most indicative signs of your age. Keep everyone guessing by applying a thin layer of SPF to your hands daily. It will keep signs of sun damage at bay, while keeping your skin looking healthy and youthful, according to Dr. Oz.

Remember, if it's exposed to sunlight, it needs SPF. Keep your skin looking and feeling it's best this summer by slashing on sunscreen from head-to-toe.

Images: Pixabay (10)