Here's What The Ticketmaster Vouchers Get You

by Jessica Learish

The internet has been a-buzz as Ticketmaster began distributing vouchers to some of the 50 million people who purchased tickets directly from between Oct. 21, 1999, and Feb. 27, 2013 as a part of a class action lawsuit settlement. But what do the Ticketmaster vouchers get you, and how can you redeem them? The good news is that, if you happen to be a member of the class, you should be eligible for two free general admission tickets to one of the select voucher-friendly concerts.

But that's where things start to get a little tricky. The lawsuit, Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster, basically stated that Ticketmaster wasn't sufficiently transparent as to what exactly its UPS fees and order processing fees were paying for. Figuring out if you're an eligible member of the class is more complicated than one might expect. Purchasing tickets through Ticketmaster and paying the fees in question does not necessarily qualify you for the vouchers, unless the entire transaction took place from start to finish on

So how do you know for sure you have vouchers waiting for you on Ticketmaster? Head over to the Active Vouchers page on your Ticketmaster account. You should see a coupon code for $2.25, which you can use to discount your purchase price for any event. These codes are supposed to work once for each time you made a qualifying purchase between 1999 and 2013, up to 17 uses. If you've had tickets shipped to you in the past, you may also see a $5 UPS voucher code. But, as people have noted on Twitter, some of the codes are being met with errors, possibly due to the high volume of traffic that Ticketmaster has experienced since releasing these vouchers. So, try to be patient.

If you're one of the lucky recipients of the $10 million voucher handout, you may find a ticket voucher good for two general admission tickets to an eligible Live Nation concert. The list of eligible concerts can be found here. Headliners include Outcry and Blink 182.

Live Nation has promised to continue to update the list of eligible events as time goes on, and the vouchers are slated to be good through May of 2017, so I would probably sit tight and see what pops up.

Image: Pixabay