How To Virtually Swatch The UD Vice Lipsticks

The fact that Urban Decay recently launched 100 new lipstick shades is pretty mind-blowing. I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of wanting to add all of them to my collection. But, let’s be real — it’d be nice to know how they looked IRL before ever making a purchase. Well, find out how to use the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick App to virtually find your favorite shades. I wouldn’t be surprised if you still wound up falling in love with each of them, though.

The brand recently launched an app and a Snapchat lens as a way to try on their lipstick products right from your phone. So, you can finally see what these lippies will look like on your pout without even leaving your couch. Feel free to test one shade right after the next without all of that wiping and removing of colors in between. Hallelujah!

The Vice Lipstick app is available for purchase on iTunes now. If you’re interested in trying these lippies out via Snapchat, you better act fast because it’ll only be around for one day. It launched on June 22, and after that, you can say sayonara to this lens. But luckily, there’s always the app, right? Thank you, technology!

With shades this pigmented and intense, it's nice to be able to try them on before buying. You know, if only to further prove just how in love you are with them!

You'll have access to all 100 shades and six finishes.

Use the live mirror to try each of the lipsticks on.

Then, save and even share your favorites with your friends.

And share your opinions, too, because that's what besties are for!

What makes this even better is you can shop the shades you love the most straight from the app. So, it's a one-stop shop for these incredible lipstick, and you've got to appreciate that kind of convenience, you know?

You can also test the lipsticks via Snapchat if you act quickly.

Go on, you know you want to show the world how great you look in these lippies. Get out there (virtually speaking) and show them how it's done!

Images: urbandecaycosmetics/Instagram (1); Courtesy Urban Decay (4)