Get Ready For 'Fuller House' To Get Even Fuller

Though there's still plenty of love (and not nearly enough bedrooms) in the Tanner household following Fuller House's freshman season, the Full House spinoff proves that a lot has changed for this San Francisco-based family. Set nearly 30 years after the premiere of Full House, the gang has all gone through some big changes: D.J. is a widow and mom of three, Stephanie is a fun-loving musician who goes by the name "DJ Tanner," Michelle is off living in NYC running a fashion empire and never visiting, and Kimmy is, well... basically Kimmy. It was inevitable for these women to grow up, just as it was for the three men who raised them. In fact, Danny, Uncle Jesse, and Uncle Joey have gone throuhg some changes of their own — especially the latter. Though Uncle Joey doesn't live in the Tanner household any more, he's still very much a part of the girls' lives, and has appeared in multiple episodes of the series. But what does he do when he's not hanging with the Fuller clan? According to TVLine, Season 2 of Fuller House will tell us. Apparently, we'll meet Joey Gladstone's family on Season 2 of Fuller House !

Though Joey has mentioned his Las Vegas-based family on the Netflix sitcom, fans haven't actually been introduced to the Gladstone clan. Fortunately, we can look forward to meeting Joey's wife and kids when the series returns for Season 2. Us Weekly reports Fuller House began filming Season 2 in May, so while it could be a while until we get to see Joey's fam squad, we already have some information about what they're like. According to the spoilers from TVLine, the Netflix series will introduce Joey's wife, Ginger, who is an “enthusiastic, upbeat, fun-loving magician.” It already sounds like Joey and Ginger have a lot in common, especially considering that Joey performs standup comedy in Las Vegas. And, like Joey, she's not exactly good at the whole discipline thing: TVLine reports that she's "a little clueless in the parenting department."

Though we don't know much about Joey's children, he reportedly has a lot of them. Joey and Ginger have four children, which is one more than the kids he helped raise as a younger man. Of course, Joey also had help from Danny and Jesse in raising said kids, so it wouldn't be too surprising if Joey is a little in over his head with raising his own children. As for when we'll meet this family, TVLine reports that the series will introduce them during one seriously crowded family holiday. According to the spoilers, Joey's family will crash the Fuller-Tanner's Thanksgiving festivities. (Hopefully they'll be enough turkey for the Gladstones and Steve, should D.J.'s perpetually hungry ex crash as well.)

Things certainly have changed for the Tanners and their extended family, and I can't wait to meet the Gladstones.

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