Watch Democrats Chant Over Paul Ryan

At 10 p.m. Wednesday, Paul Ryan reconvened the session of the House of Representatives, meaning the cameras of CSPAN came back on. And what it showed was a lot of chaos. Democrats yelled over Speaker Ryan as he attempted to call for a vote on something totally not related to the sit-in or what the Democrats are protesting over.

House Republicans began arriving before Ryan came to the podium to call for a vote and recognize someone else on the floor. Democrats refused to yield, and their chants drowned out basically everything Ryan was saying, though his microphone was working. As he slammed the gavel after each declaration, it seemed like there was extra meaning behind it.

"The chair would hope that the business of the House could be conducted in a fashion that respects positively on the dignity and decorum of this institution to which we all belong," Ryan began. He then moved on to call on a member of the House. Meanwhile, the Democrats continued to chant, "No bill, no break," along with an occasional "Shame!"

If you see the white papers held by many of the Democrats who are participating in the sit-in, you'll notice there are names printed on them. Those names are, of course, the names of victims who have been killed because of gun violence.

The floor was filled with House Democrats before and after Ryan came to the podium. The House quickly went back to recess, but Periscope videos continued.