Anna Kendrick & James Corden Are TOO CUTE

I know, I know. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are, at least in some theoretical parallel universe where celebrities do things like make out in extremely public and picturesque spots where photographers can capture them at really flattering angles, rumoured to be a couple. Meanwhile, we get to watch Anna Kendrick and James Corden duet as a couple (ahem – "couple"), purely for entertainment (they say) on The Late Late Show With James Corden. But riddle me this. If Kendrick and Corden were purely put together in the interest of audience satisfaction, great tunes, etc., why did the show's producers make them sing love songs together?

Why did they make them basically enact an entire relationship from beginning (Aretha Franklin's "I Say A Little Prayer") to end (Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You")? And let's take this one step further: why do the two seem to be having The Most Fun they've ever had? Ladies and gentlemen, I beg you to consider the evidence: should Kendrick and Corden be our next great, hyped, over-googled celebrity couple? Put aside your millennial cynicism for a hot second. Open your mind and your heart. Now feast your eyes on this adorable video and try and tell me no. Then let's explore why they should be entwined around each other forever and ever.

1. They're Both Hilarious

It's so boring being "the funny one" in the couple, cracking joke after joke while your self-serious Adonis occasionally attempts a lame pun. Pure physical attraction's all well and good, but eventually you tire of all those model/DJs and just want someone you can crack a joke with. I bet Kendrick has.

2. They Have Vocal Chemistry

Listen to those sweet, sweet harmonies. Vocal chemistry = physical chemistry. That's definitely just a thing — I mean, look at the number of kids hooking up on Glee.

3. They Can't Stop Smiling Around Each Other

They genuinely have too much fun. No one has ever had this much fun in the history of the world. My life feels like a barren pleasure desert in comparison to this gif. Please hook up already. Your future brood of extremely happy, humorous babies demands it.

So, paparazzi of the world, if you're out there, I demand you start following Kendrick and Corden to whatever rocky crags they're spending hand-holding downtime in. Their adoring public requires further evidence of this next great pairing.

Images: TheLateLateShowWithJamesCorden/YouTube (3); Giphy (3)