The Best Book Recommendation For Every 'Pretty Little Liars' Character

OK I get it: The Liars definitely don't have any time for reading. Between answering creepy text messages, sleuthing into (new and) old mental institutions, and (like us) trying to figure out what the deal is with A.D., Dr. Rollins, and Jessica DiLaurentis' twin, Mary Drake, it's a wonder they ever have time to sleep, never mind read. But if they can overcome the secrets that haunt them once and for all, these book recommendations for every Pretty Little Liars character are the place to start.

We can assume they read some in college, when they weren't trotting off to Madrid on a surprise lovefest or stuffing tiki bartending tips in their purse (we saw you, Emily). But they definitely did no homework in high school, probably not even for Ezra's class. So it's safe to say they're a little behind on even more popular books. Serious question: Do you think any of them have read Harry Potter yet? It could do some good for them to disappear into a magical fantasy world, I think.

Just as Aria, Hanna, Emily, Spencer, Alison, and Mona have different fashion senses, different taste in men (well sometimes *cough* Caleb), and different life goals, they would have different books they would read again and again.

1. Aria Montgomery

The original opening credits shusher, Aria Montgomery, is a professional writer, for goodness sake, so we really can't get this one wrong.

Secrets, corruption, and… poetry? Aria needs to read The Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy by Kate Hattemer.

Kate Hattemer's novel is just as rebellious and artsy as Ms. Montgomery herself. When a sleazy reality TV show infiltrates Selwyn Arts Academy, student Ethan and his BFFs fight back. With poetry. Oh, and that epic, rebellious poem is inspired by Ezra (cough, cough) Pound. But when the reality TV crew continues to be steps ahead of Ethan (much like a certain A with Aria and her friends), a full-blown battle of wits and arts breaks out.

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2. Spencer Hastings

Lovable overachiever Spencer Hastings needs to step away from the textbooks and try a novel that will appeal to her more romantic side but still registers with all her sleuthing skills.

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón is a story about dark secrets, something Spencer and the rest of the Hastings family know all too well.

Now that Spencer is amid some hard times with Caleb, The Shadow of the Wind can remind her of happier, more romantic times in Spain with the brooding hacker. But Spencer was never one to let a 'ship define her, so the novel can also feed her hunger for a smart mystery she can solve.

Set in Barcelona, 1945, in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, the story follows Daniel as he finds a mysterious book, The Shadow of the Wind by Julián Carax. But when he goes hunting for more books by the enigmatic author, he finds that someone has been systematically destroying every copy.

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3. Hanna Marin

Hanna was never the optimal student, but she is an ambitious fashionista, and her book recommendation will definitely hit home.

Hanna can find some common ground in The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger.

Post five-year time-jump, Hanna was running ragged trying to win over the respect of her nitpicking, diva boss. Her boss is practically modeled after The Devil Wears Prada 's Miranda Priestly, who herself is modeled after Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

Like Hanna, Andrea Sachs is just a small-town girl with big city dreams trying to live her life without getting stepped all over by her boss, who has completely unrealistic expectations. (Which should sound familiar.) This is definitely one book Hanna can get behind, but if not, she can always watch the movie.

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4. Emily Fields

Oh, Emily. Emily Fields is the most loving, but unlucky in love Liar on the show. But she should learn that love doesn't have to be so one-sided (ahem, Ali), so gutwrenching (Maya), with a future gf trying to drown you in a pool (Paige), with a married woman (Talia), or with a girl who ends up being both Red Coat and Black Widow (Sara). Whew.

Emily can finally get her fairy tale romance in Ash by Malinda Lo.

Coming out in small-town Rosewood was difficult for Emily, but she's finally at the point where most everyone excepts that love is love (is love is love) and she is confident in who she is. We just have to find her a much better girlfriend. (And I'm still suspicious of you, Sabrina.)

Malinda Lo knows how to tell a fairy tale. Ash is a stunning retelling of Cinderella in which Ash is attracted to a dangerous, dark faerie (consider this one basically anyone who Emily has ever dated) but also falls for the king's huntress Kaisa, and it ends up being the type of relationship we can only hope for Emily.

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5. Alison DiLaurentis

The original Liar, Queen Bee Alison deserves a special book choice. Let's pretend her whole "I wear floral and fall in love with evil doctors who walk all over me" deal is a sham, and our old-school Alison is still hiding in there somewhere.

In that case, she’ll go back to her Mean Girl roots with PLL’s own Sara Shepard’s The Lying Game .

Shepard's narrator Sutton is dead, something Ali knows a thing or two about. Except, this character is actually dead. Sutton has been murdered, but her friends and family don't know. She's magically able to mind-meld with her long-lost twin sister (twins!!) Emma, who grew up in foster care. Guided by Sutton, Emma infiltrates Sutton's old life to gather clues about what happened to her. Twins! Murder! Pretending to be someone else! It has everything Alison can relate to.

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6. Mona Vanderwaal

The original A-turned-Liar helper (we think?) Mona is a question mark most of the time, but we love her. Because she always feels on the outside, she needs a book where can can find a common anti-heroine.

Mona would find something to love (and feel a rivalry brewing) with Lisbeth Salander in the Millennium series by Stieg Larsson.

Come on, Mona would totally has major common ground with Lisbeth. (Someone please write a fan fiction where they team up and solve crimes while also committing them.) They're both hiding secrets, are crazy tech savvy, and don't let anyone walk all over them. I bet Mona would read this one cover-to-cover and start over again, taking notes.

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