The Number Of Viernheim Shooting Victims Is Drastically Lower Than Initially Reported

Update: As of Thursday morning, Reuters and the Associated Press are reporting that the gunman who opened fire in a Viernheim cinema complex has been killed by authorities, but that there were no serious injuries caused by the gunman.

Earlier: While the United States debates increased gun control legislation in the wake of the Orlando massacre, a shooting has rocked a small German town near Frankfurt. A masked man, armed with a gun and a munitions belt, walked into a movie theater at about 3 p.m. Thursday. Shortly after the incident began, police surrounded the complex. The details ares till scarce, but there are reports that the shooter has been killed and about 25 people were injured — but not from gunshot wounds. According to the local Bild newspaper, the Viernheim shooting victims were injured from tear gas used in the rescue operation.

Details on the wounded are limited. German authorities have even claimed no one was injured. Also unclear are the motives of the shooter. Upon entering the theater, he fired warning shots into the air. It's not clear if he took hostages or even if he had a real gun. The state's interior minister said it may have been a gas or stun gun. The Frankfurter Allgemeine reported that various motives are being considered including a botched robbery — not just political or ideological cause. Police special forces shot and killed the shooter, according to reports citing the state's interior minister. Earlier separate sources claimed he had been arrested.