Is ISIS Behind The Viernheim Shooting? Reports Suggest It's Too Soon To Tell

Update: As of Thursday morning, Reuters and the Associated Press are reporting that the gunman who opened fire in a Viernheim cinema complex has been killed by authorities, but that there were no serious injuries caused by the gunman.

Earlier: On Thursday morning, a man opened fire in a cinema complex in Viernheim, Germany, a town near Frankfurt. According to local reports, between 20 and 50 people have been injured in the shooting, and the shooter has since been shot and killed by police. But one important question is being posed in the wake of the attack: Is ISIS behind the Viernheim shooting? German police are investigating the shooting, which started shortly after 3:30 p.m. local time when an armed shooter entered the cinema complex.

At this time, it is unknown whether ISIS is at all connected to this attack.

CNN correspondent, Atika Shubert reported from Berlin, "We don’t know who the shooter is or what kind of weapons he has, but the possibility this could be a terror attack is crossing the minds of people here in Germany."

According to CNN, German police have warned that the country could be at risk of a targeted attack by ISIS, however, it's unclear whether this shooting is related to the terrorist organization.