Kylie Kisses PartyNextDoor In His New Music Video

Some make their relationship status official with a status change on Facebook. Others do the whole formal, "Will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend?" thing. For Kylie Jenner and PARTYNEXTDOOR, they star in a music video together. And it's a sultry, black and white, kissing-in-the-rain music video at that. Hot.

To be completely honest, neither Jenner nor the singer-rapper have officially come out and said they're dating. Buuuuut, this is the kind of thing — star in a boyfriend's music vid at the beginning of their relationship, that is — that KJ does to show that her romance is serious. Back in August 2015, mere weeks after she turned 18, then-boyfriend Tyga dropped his Jenner-centric music video for "Stimulated," a PDA-filled confirmation that the two, were in fact, an item. And now, a few months after those Jenner/PARTYNEXTDOOR rumors were heating up, PARTYNEXTDOOR comes out with the music video for "Come and See Me," showing him and Jenner kissing in the rain. The vid also contains some serious product placement for Kylie's Lip Kits. One entire moment in the video is actually just Jenner putting gloss on her lips in a shot that completely mirrors this one from Mean Girls .

At the end of the day, the "Come and See Me" music vid very much fits the whole Kylie Jenner/PND dating narrative. Months after speculation that the two are an item — going on a bowling date and an Us Weekly insider claiming that the two are "definitely dating" — it would make sense that they confirm those rumors by romantically kissing in the rain in his music video. Especially since that's how she and Tyga made it abundantly clear, without question, that they were officially together last summer.

Still, there's the argument that the vid is just as much promo for Jenner (and her lip kits) — it premiered on Snapchat's Discover channel — and that she and PARTYNEXTDOOR kissing is just acting for the video. But when put in context (and you take those dating rumors and Jenner's past starring in a music vid with her boyfriend) it seems likely that this is the official confirmation that the two are a couple.