11 Ways To Make Your Water Even Healthier

by Kaitlyn Wylde

I'm really bad at drinking water. Not like physically — I can swallow and digest water properly. Just like, mentally, I have a wall that keeps me from enjoying it or being regimented about consuming it. When that eight glasses a day trend got going, I was inspired to amp up my hydration, but could never get more than four or five cups down. Water bores me. I'm much more likely to be like, "Mmm, I'd love a glass of wine right now," or "I'd kill for some coffee" than I am to be like, "Yum, pass the delicious water." You know what I mean?

That said, I've always suffered from issues that people who are not properly hydrated suffer from: headache, dry skin, muscle pain, and sluggishness. During a recent health kick, in which I talked to a nutritionist and decided to start treating my body like I love it, I learned water hacks to make it more worth your while. There are tons of ingredients that you can add to your water to boost your health and positively impact its flavor. Plus, the process of sprucing up your water will make it more exciting for you. And, these ingredients all make it look pretty. Who doesn't want to drink pretty water? These are 11 ingredients you can add to your water for bonus health benefits:


A few drops of lemon juice will help to cleanse and alkalize the body — you'll find it in every detox plan.

Cayenne Pepper

This spicy water is filled with vitamins and activating properties that can help kick up your metabolism if you've been feeling sluggish. It's also got lots of antioxidants which you can never have too much of.


Cucumbers rule at hydrating the body. They also help with anti-inflammatory properties, so it's an excellent post-workout drink.

Chia Seeds

These miracle seeds are insanely hydrating and jam packed with fiber, protein, good fat, and calcium. Sprinkle a few in your water and let them sit for a few minutes before drinking.


Mint is delicious, refreshing, and also helps settle your stomach and aid in digestion. Have a glass of mint-infused water after a meal for optimal enjoyment.


You've definitely heard of aloe being an incredible external soother, but you might not know how internally soothing it can be, too. Blend the gel from an aloe plant with water and enjoy. This is especially clutch if you suffer from digestive issues like IBS.


Ginger is another detox favorite. It cleanses out your system and fights indigestion and nausea — and it will seriously wake up your system if you drink it first thing in the morning.


This delicious garnish we often find lounging on our pizzas is actually filled with beneficial compounds. It has anti-bacterial and anti-stress properties hiding in its veins.

Rose Water

People have been drinking rose-infused water for centuries. It's filled with vitamins and is calming and anti-inflammatory — and it also look gorgeous in a water bottle.


This super power plant juice has the power to basically obliterate a hangover, so think about what it does for you on a day-to-day basis. Chlorophyll is a pigment involved in photosynthesis of plants, but when a drop of this compound is added to your cup of water, you're adding iron, massive hydration, internal deodorant, digestive aid, and antioxidants.


This ingredient is often found in mineral water, so you might be drinking it without knowing it. Silica can help to boost your immune system and remove metals from the body. It's also great for the health of hair, skin, and nails.

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