How To Make Sure Your Phone Battery Never Runs Out

by Taylor Fuller

There is nothing I can't stand more than when my phone runs out of battery power. When I'm traveling, I rely heavily on a portable battery charger for when my phone dies all the time. My phone has to to provide me with directions if I get lost, information about where I'm staying or what time a flight is, and of course, as a means of connecting with the rest of the world. (Let's be honest, I just want to be able to Instagram or Snapchat whenever I want).

So, it's very important that there is always a way to charge my phone on-the-go, even when I can't find an outlet. I carry around two portable phone chargers with me at all times while I'm traveling. This way, when I need to charge one, I have another one that I can throw in my backpack to use. Nowadays, you can find a ton of rechargeable batteries that fit into your bag or your pocket. They come in all shapes and sizes. You can even find them built-in to clutches. They come waterproof or solar-powered. They can be really inexpensive or cost an arm and a leg. Whatever you're looking for, there is a portable charger out there that you can be happy about.

1. Get A Good Charge Without Breaking The Bank

RAVPowerd Mini External Battery Pack , $9, Amazon

You can find a lot of inexpensive portable chargers on the market. But, you want to make sure it's still going to provide you with at least one full charge, like this one does. Plug this into the wall, and as it charges up, three LED lights will begin flashing, indicating how much charge is left. It's a small charger (about the size of an iPhone 6, lengthwise), which means it can fit in your pocket or in a smaller bag. Use it with both Apple and Android devices.

2. Keep It Lightweight

Wotmic Two-Output Fast Charging, Lightweight Power Bank, $40, Amazon

When you're traveling, you have to worry about weight. Certain airlines weigh your carry-on these days, so every extra pound counts. That means that opting for a lightweight power bank is really the best option. But, just because you go lightweight doesn't mean that you should sacrifice quality. This charger can provide four to six full charges to your smartphone or tablet. It also has two ports, which allow you to charge two devices at once.

3. Keep Your Phone Safe In A Rechargeable Case

Alpatronix iPhone 6/6S Battery Case, $36, Amazon

If you like to use a small bag, or don't want to have to carry around yet another item with you, opt for a rechargeable phone case. The case is slim and lightweight, meaning that your phone won't become bulky because of the extra battery. You'll still have access to all of the ports and switches on your phone, so you'll barely remember there is something attached to it. The case features a bumper, so your screen is less likely to get scratched or cracked if you accidentally drop your iPhone, too.

4. Eliminate The Need For Any Outlets

Solar Charger, $18, Amazon

Portable chargers are great, but what happens if you're camping or hiking and your portable charger runs out, as well as your phone? Use a solar powered charger instead! This way, you can eliminate the need to juice up your charger the traditional way. When the solar charger is fully charged, you can provide your iPhone 6 with three or more full charges, your Galaxy S5 for two or more full charges, and your iPad for one full charge. Just hang it on your backpack with the provided hook, and it will continue to charge as long as it's in the sun. It also has a built in LED light perfect for an emergency, or if you need a flashlight in the dark.

5. Watch Videos While You Charge With A Wireless Charging Stand

Saffron Portable Power Bank with Multi-Angle Stand, $32, Amazon

If you love to watch videos from your phone but you find that your battery is always running out of juice, there's a solution. Instead of having to hold your phone up or try to awkwardly prop it up using whatever you have around you, this power bank comes with a stand, which is not only adjustable, but is also compatible with 99 percent of smartphones. You can charge two devices at once and not miss a second of your favorite videos.

6. Find Durability With A Heavy-Duty Waterproof Power Bank

Unifun Waterproof External Batter Power Bank, $17, Amazon

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, you need a power bank that will hold up to all of the elements. So, a charger that is waterproof, rustproof, anti-shock, and skid-resistant is your best bet. Lucky for you, there is a great option out there that doesn't break the bank and still provides your phone with multiple full charges. The next time you go skiing, hiking, or camping, don't worry about breaking a power bank that isn't built to withstand nature because now you have one that does.

7. Get A High Quality Charge And A Sleek Design

Innogie JA Portable Charger Alien, $20, Amazon

If you're into having cool-looking gadgets, you should check out the Alien. This little portable charger packs a big punch, allowing you to charge your device up to four times. The power also doesn't run out if you don't use it right away, like some portable chargers do. The Alien is made out of aluminum, which means it is durable, lightweight, and can withstand everyday wear and tear. The best part about it? It fully recharges your phone in about one hour, even while you're using it!

8. Have A Night Out And Stay Charged The Whole Time With A Power Clutch

Mighty Purse Wristlet - Smartphone Charging Wallet , $100, Amazon

When you go out at night, you really only want to be carrying around the essentials. Usually, a phone charger doesn't fall into that category. But now it's okay that it doesn't, as there's one built into this fantastic clutch. It's compatible with Android phones and includes an adapter for iPhones. It is big enough to fit an iPhone 6S Plus, and it still has room for everything you need for a night out. It comes in 45 styles (including studs, patterns, calf hair, and patent leather) that are all made from 100 percent genuine leather. It also comes with a one year warranty!

9. Get More Bang For Your Buck With A Multi-Use Charger

MEKO 2-in-1 Charger with Foldable Lamp, $20, Amazon

If you like to get the most out of your money, then a multi-use power bank is the way to go. This ultra-compact charger features a foldable and adjustable desk lamp made of LED lights, making it the perfect book light when traveling. You can also prop your phone up on the charger, so you can watch videos while using it. The battery delivers a great charge to your phone, while being a functional tool in everyday life.

10. Find Style and Functionality With A Leather Power Bank

Zulu Milano Premium Leather Dual USB Portable Charger, $21, Amazon

Keep it classy with a premium leather charger that provides a fast charge to your smartphone or tablet. It has a low heat generation, which basically means it won't stop working because it gets overheated. It uses the same kinds of battery cells that brands like Apple, Samsung, and LG use, so you won't have to worry about your battery burning out. The leather keeps the charger looking sleek and fashionable. Store it in your purse, and use it on the go.

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