Watch Blake Lively Play "Would You Rather"

by Rachel Simon

In her new movie The Shallows, Blake Lively, or at least her character, Nancy, is forced to make some pretty tough choices. When the surfer unexpectedly encounters a shark while enjoying a previously relaxing afternoon in the water, she has to fend off the villainous creature and do whatever it takes to stay alive. So when talking to Lively at The Shallows New York press junket recently, I thought it would be pretty fitting to have the actor — and newly-minted action hero — play a quick game of "Would You Rather: Shark Edition."

As you'll see in the video below, Lively was game of the challenge, but that didn't mean choosing the answers came easy. When faced with the tough picks, the actor gave both options a good amount of thought, before coming to her conclusions — some of which might surprise fans of the star who didn't realize just bold Lively truly is. Let's just say that judging from these answers, Lively could probably do pretty well if she, like Nancy, were forced to fend off a shark and manage on her own, with only a few tools and some solid quick thinking skills as her resources.

Impressed by Lively? You'll be even more so when you see her in The Shallows, out in theaters June 24. Just remember: next time you go to the beach for a relaxing day off, you might want to keep Lively's survival skills in mind.