Will Kylie’s Lip Kit Come In Gold Packaging?

Thursday afternoon, PartyNextDoor released a music video for his song "Come See Me" starring Kylie Jenner, and the Internet — myself included — is abuzz with questions. First, who is "PartyNextDoor" and how did he decide on such a stage name? Is this "PartyNextDoor" character dating Kylie Jenner? And, most importantly, are Kylie's new lip kits going to come in gold packaging?!

In the (sexy, sexy) video, we see Jenner getting ready for a night out. She lounges around in a silk nightgown and Yeezus-looking robe for a while, contours her face, and of course, puts on a lip kit. (Basically what I would imagine a Kardashian's regular "going out" prep to entail — minus the army of hair and makeup teams.)

But wait! There is something different and very important about this getting ready scene in particular. The packaging on the lip kit that Jenner uses is gold, not the traditional black that we're used to!

While I can't say for sure if her cosmetics line is going to be giving its packaging a seriously glitzy update (Jenner hasn't been answering my frantic calls to ask her about it... ugh), I will say that I think it looks awesome, and really hope it's going to be a permanent change to the collection.

Here are some stills from the video of the new packaging:

I mean, Kylie's lip kit is cool enough as it is (mine came in the mail today and I'm losing my mind over it). Can you imagine how cool it would be with gold packaging?! It's honestly too much for me to handle.

Like me, Twitter users are also freaking out over today's teaser from the world of Kylie Jenner.

One user thinks it's possible that the gold packaging is limited edition for the holidays, which would be pretty awesome.

And of course, there are people out there throwing shade to the fact that she used the video to promote her products, but I say #props, girl.

At the end of the video, Jenner gives PartyNextDoor a prettttty steamy kiss with her Lip Kit-covered pout, which also has the Internet freaking out about whether or not they're a couple. I wonder if he liked the way it tasted!

And here's the video, because like all Kylie Jenner music videos (i.e. Tyga's "Stimulated," which was an instant classic in my book), it's a must watch.