How To Change Your FB Profile Pic For The Fourth

With the Fourth of July coming up, you might be wondering how to change your Facebook profile picture to red, white, and blue in honor of our nation’s birthday. It is a time for celebration, after all, so you might as well share your patriotic flair with social media. Fortunately, there are a couple of different ways you can get an American flag filter on your Facebook profile picture, and it will only take you approximately two seconds to do. I have been looking through Facebook support, and although Facebook itself doesn’t appear to be offering an American flag filter, there are some other routes you can go that still appear super festive.

No matter what your plans are for Fourth of July this year, chances are you will be checking in on social media at least once, whether that is to share a patriotic quote, upload a photo of the red, white, and blue skewers you are eating, or share a video of the fireworks lighting up your neighborhood. Adding a red, white, and blue overlay to your profile picture is just one more way for you to show how proud you are to be living in this amazing country.

Take Advantage of Free Apps

I turned to the trusty Google Play Store on my smartphone and I found several free apps that let you easily overlay an American flag on any photo you'd like. You do, of course, have to beware of sketchy apps that want to gain access to your personal information, or just have way too many ads. I tried a couple of different free apps and I settled on the "Flag Profile Pic-Flag Photo HD" app by Dev APP as the one I liked the best. It wasn't anything flashy, but it was easy to use, and it got the job done. If you're on a computer, this profile pic tool was super easy to use, but it didn't work well for me on my phone.

Check Out the American Flag Profile Picture Tool Facebook Page

I ran across a Facebook page dedicated to the American Flag profile picture tool, and discovered that the group behind it even has its own website. I looked over the site for a while, and it doesn't look like it's officially affiliated with Facebook in any way, but it has a bunch of free-to-download American flag filters designed for Facebook photos.

Use Photoshop to Create Your Own Filter

If you have access to a photo editing software like Photoshop, it's super easy to create your own flag overlay, and the advantage here is that once you know how to do it, you never need to depend on Facebook or any other service to help you again. If you don't have Photoshop, try an open source photo editing software like Gimp, which has many of the same features.

There you have it! Three easy ways that you can create your own American flag profile photo filter, just in time for the Fourth of July.

Images: Megan Hanson/Bustle; Eric Duvauchelle/Unsplash;