Kim K Snapchats A New Picture Of Saint West

For as much as Kim Kardashian uses her social media accounts to push her video game, blog, and Kimoji line, I'm always happy to see her post some humanizing content too. Late Thursday, Kim K shared a new, adorable picture of Saint, her 6-month-old son, on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. It's one of few photos of the baby's face that have hit social media so far, and the picture is as simple and cute as can be.

Kardashian's social media accounts haven't been buzzing too much lately about Saint, and we've only been given the smallest glimpses of the newborn's life thus far. Understandable, though, that pics of North West would be shared more often, seeing as North is at a fun age, throwing mermaid parties and just generally being a princess.

Kids, no matter what age, are going to be cute now matter where, how, or when you photograph them, but Saint took the photo shoot into his own hands. Not only is he adorned in white and looking as fly as his family when West dressed them for his Yeezy Season 3 show, but he is straight up smizing. Mommy is definitely loving her beautiful baby, and I'm sure Tyra Banks would have loved to recruit the kid for ANTM.

And look how perfectly Saint fits into this poised family! Who could blame Kardashian for posting the above picture?

A half hour after the post got attention, Kardashian claimed that Saint is her twin and that North looks a lot more like dad Kanye West:

Kardashian definitely isn't wrong, and her children are growing up to be cuter versions of their parents. My hope is that this cuteness-power-struggle theory comes true, and the result is a fantastic, all-inclusive Kardashian-West At Home reality show. So keep being cute, Saint. I'm counting on you.

Images: Getty Images; Kim Kardashian/Snapchat