British Celebrities' Brexit Vote Reactions Are Filled With Disappointment & Anger

Those long-lensed paparazzi photos of stars doing things like smooching, smoking and proudly baring patches of cellulite on the beach may have you thinking that they're so relatable until you started reviewing the British celebrity reactions to Brexit. On Friday June 24, the world learned that the British public's response to their referendum on whether Britain should remain in the European Union or leave it was distinctly divided. It was as close as you get to 50-50, with 48 percent voting to remain and 52 percent voting to leave. This split seemed likely — it's a complicated issue with lots of reasons why staying in the EU would be valid and lots of reasons for leaving the EU. But for the most part, celebrities who call England home appear to be devastated.

The celeb reactions have been for the most part — with a few exceptions like actress Elizabeth Hurley who tweeted about her "sweet dreams" following the results and Joan Collins who tweeted "The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step" followed by a series of ecstatic emojis in reaction to the news — have been overwhelmingly pro-remain. Despite the following stars being heavily associated with Britain and marketed as British, you could argue these posts show they identify most strongly as Europeans. Given the magnitude of the news and the repercussions it will have on Britain as a whole, with the country facing not just a historic exit, but the potential loss of Scotland (with Scotland's first minister calling for a second referendum on Scottish independence in the wake of this news according to the BBC), you can understand the sheer unbridled emotion going on in these posts. Let's review.

The Full-On, Unbridled Sorrow Reaction

Shortly after the news of the poll results broke, television presenter/model Alexa Chung was quick to share her feelings with fans:

Chung's father was three-quarters Chinese, which might explain this cryptic tweet:

The "I Can't Stop Thinking About Donald Trump" Reaction

You don't have to be American to be obsessed with Donald Trump (true story: I have nightmares about him on the reg and I live in Europe). So of course Brexit isn't about Britain, it's about Donald Trump.

It's always be good to be prepared for the worst-case scenario, eh, Cersei?

Comedian Ricky Gervais' fans are almost as funny as he is. The comments under this are wonderful: click and check them out.

But surely the world's not that dark a place, right? Right, America?

To be fair, it's hard not to think about Trump on a daily basis when he's constantly inserting his foot into his mouth.

The "Laugh Away The Pain" Reaction

If you click the link, it shows McKellen on stage presumably shouting "You shall not pass!" This is one of his onscreen counterpart Gandalf's most famous lines in The Lord of the Rings, uttered as he blocks the path with a Balrog Demon in hot pursuit. Is McKellan making an oblique nod here to the way the leave campaign at times demonized EU immigrants?

Hugh Laurie's best known for his turn in House as the titular doctor. But he first cut his teeth in comedy roles in legendary British comedy show Blackadder and this shows here — the man's got a way with words.

But while the celebs above might not be representative of the split opinions on the topic, they're definitely mirroring the way I and other Brits seem to be dealing with the news: crying, laughing and ranting about Trump seem par for the course for digesting such a historic and influential decision. Thanks for the guidance, British celebrities. Let's hope you can keep us cheerful in the wake of the UK's departure.