Brexit Leave Voters Who Are Now Regretting Their Decision Show How Much Our Votes Really Matter

In a shocking turn of events, Britain voted this week to leave the European Union (EU) — a move dubbed "Brexit" — with the Leave campaign garnering over 51 percent of the vote. Given the turmoil this vote would create, it's not entirely surprising many Leave voters are now regretting their decision. In short succession, this historic referendum led to the resignation of the country's prime minister, David Cameron; a steep decline in the value of the British pound; global market chaos; and hammered stock markets, to name a few immediate results. We are, quite literally, waking up to a different world.

Before we take a look at some of these Leave voters who have openly expressed their regret, it's important to remember that the very point of any democratic process is supposed to be so everyone can have a voice. Judging by the major fallout and the reaction to the rhetoric of Brexit's key players, it's clear that many believe voting to leave will end up falling on the wrong side of history. Still, though, it's commendable that many people who voted to Leave have come forward to admit that they regret the decision — and attacking anyone who voted to Leave would also be on the wrong side of history. Just as their regret may very likely not make a difference in the grand scheme of things (Brexit would be a hard decision to take back), publicly lampooning these voters will likewise serve little purpose.

What can we take away from these candid confessions? I believe it's an example — proof that every vote matters. Even when you think it doesn't, it does. If you have a country full of people who think, "My one vote won't matter," all those "won't matter" votes wind up amounting to a win with which you may not be pleased. And, of course, we're using the word "win" here loosely; indeed, in an ideal world, it wouldn't be about winning or losing. It would be about what will help the greatest amount of people.

So, bearing in mind that America has an upcoming election that could have very similar implications, let's take a look at a few Leave voters who may now wish they'd cast their ballot differently.

This Guy, Who Didn't Think His Vote Would Matter

One of the more memorable Leave voters to come forward, a man named Adam from Manchester told the BBC, "I didn't think that was going to happen. My vote — I didn't think was going to matter too much because I thought we were just going to remain."

This Woman, Who Went With The Majority But Would Do It Differently If She Could

In an interview with 5News Channel, a voter named Mandy explained, "I was very disappointed about the result, even though I voted to leave. This morning I woke up and the reality actually hit me... but if I had the opportunity to vote again, it would be to stay."

Those Who Bought Into False Promises

And Those Who Had Instant Voter's Remorse

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