When It Rains In Los Angeles, the Celebrities Pour on Twitter

Jump back! It rained in Los Angeles today, and everyone who mattered on Twitter had something to say about it. Nothing brings a town together like the weather, as my mother always said, and the Los Angeles International Airport witnessed .55 inches of rain over a 12-hour span, which is almost half of the total rain that Los Angeles has experienced this year. Naturally, the town looked to its celebrities for guidance on what to do in this potentially biblical flood. From Jane Lynch to Piers Morgan, a number of celebrities noticed that, indeed, water was falling from the sky. And yes, they tweeted.

With #rainpocolypse gracing many a Twitter feed today, it's clear that the West Coast has an axe to grind with the Northeast. "You're getting snow?" It seems to be saying. "Well, just imagine snow in liquid form." I can't wait for the Southwest to chime in with #dustpocolypse or the the Southeast with #neverrecoveredfromtheValentine'sDayicestorm.

Every region has their own special form of meteorological torture, but California is uniquely stocked to the gills with people who measure the humidity before stepping out with their hair uncovered. So, what happens to LA when you just add water? Let's explore a few tweets to find out.

Piers Morgan clutches to the Oscars as a nervous elderly woman clutches to her family pearls. I imagine that designer umbrellas are selling like hotcakes right now, and last-minute alterations are being made to waterproof shoes and hemlines. Ultimately, however, I'm only worried about the mani-cam. They had best provide an umbrella for those dainty fingers.

While she splices "tidbits," Jane Lynch has a healthy take on the rain. It almost seems like she made a deal with the rain gods, or threw the ball that sent LA screaming into the dunk tank. Perhaps she hopes that, as the rain washes the makeup off exposed faces, people will be able to see one another for what they truly are. Which is wet.

We get the country singer perspective, which is also low key. Rain is perfect for contemplation and sleep, LeAnn Rimes says. Without rain, in fact, we wouldn't have Rimes' "River of Love," in which she sings, "My heart's been thirsty/ My spirit's runnin' dry/ And I think I feel a drop of rain/ I see the lightning/ Strikin' the sky." Huzzah for rain, the fount of love!

Ultimately, Zac Posen wins in the celebrity tweet storm for sheer efficiency. I am a celebrity. It is morning. It is raining in Lost Angeles. All in three words. He must tailor his tweets as he does his clothes. In fact, he may have thrown his lot in with Lynch in tempting the weather gods, all so he could roll out his new line of… rain boots.