These Countries Could Be Next To Leave The EU

In case you missed it, Britain has voted to no longer be a part of the European Union, based on voters’ results regarding Brexit, otherwise known as Britain Exit. This came as a shock to many, since projections believed Britain would remain in the EU. This begs the question: What countries will leave the EU next?

In wake of the news, wherein the vote was approximately 52 percent versus 48 percent to leave the EU, Prime Minister David Cameron resigned. Cameron had been behind the Remain campaign, not wanting the country to leave the EU.

Before the final EU result and after, the pound has been crashing. And many may be wondering how this affects the rest of the EU and what countries will leave the European Union next.

According to The Washington Post, the following countries could potentially leave the EU at some point: Sweden, Denmark, Greece, The Netherlands, Hungary, and France. Here's why:


Sweden and Britain often agree on issues, including not switching over to the euro.


Denmark and Britain have been allies regarding negotiations with the EU, so it remains to be seen what Denmark will do.


With Greece’s fluctuating debt crisis, the country could be a contender to leave the EU.

The Netherlands

Without Britain, “The Dutch would feel they've lost an important ally in the balance of powers within the European Union,” said Frits Bolkestein, former EU Commissioner and former leader of the center-right VVD party, to the BBC.


It’s old news that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is not a fan of the EU. One issue includes refugees. “After last year’s influx of refugees into the country, Hungarians will be asked to decide whether the E.U. should be allowed to resettle refugees despite a lack of consent by national parliaments affected by the decision,” The Washington Post reports.


France is often shown to not be in favor of the EU. However, even though France is a large force within Europe, the country is not without problems. A few of the country’s issues include their weak economy, high unemployment, and terrorism threats.

However, the Pew Research Center also cites a few other countries that don’t regard the EU favorably, including Spain, and found Hungary does back the EU. There are even possibilities another country could join the EU. We'll have to wait and see exactly how the EU will change, but it seems certain Brexit will have a major impact on the rest of the world.