Could Arya Stark Be 'Lady Stoneheart' On 'GoT'?!

I hate to say, "I told you so," but guys, I told you so. The clues are major, the proof is in the pudding: I think in the Game Of Thrones Season 6 finale, Arya might be pulling a Lady Stoneheart and coming back to get revenge on Walder Frey for the death of her brother and mother during Season 3's Red Wedding. I know you hear the faint sound of a vinyl record violently scratching in the distance — but over at Huffington Post, Bill Bradley is highlighting a theory that really could change Game Of Thrones as we know it. Think about it: This is the kind of revenge Arya has been training for. All the lists, the time spent training, the vows to return to Westeros and finally get her revenge...it has all be leading up to this one possibly perfect assassination of Frey. Arya's karmic revenge has been brewing a long time where Frey is concerned. Or did you forget that Frey is literally one of the worst humans on the planet who, along with Tywin Lannister and Roose Bolton (also reputedly terrible humans), orchestrated the Red Wedding? Yeah, to say that they potential for sweet revenge is sky-high would be an understatement.

The proof of the claims come from one rather astute Redditor, kaztrator, who outlines his theory in gobsmacking "Why didn't I think of that?" clarity:

The Red Wedding was orchestrated by three men: Tywin Lannister, Roose Bolton and Walder Frey. At the Red Wedding, they shot Robb with arrows, stabbed him, and after they were done with her son, they slit Catlyn's throat. Ever since, Tywin's son shot him with a crossbow, and Roose's son stabbed him just like Roose stabbed Robb. This leaves Walder Frey, and to complete the trifecta of karmic justice, he'll get his throat slit by his own son. These deaths all happened or will happen in their own homes too, due to their disregard for guest right. I bet one of Walder's sons kill him early in the next season, although I'm hoping for the son to slit his throat, and then unmask to reveal herself as Arya Stark, who's back to killing the people on her list.

Crazy, right? It actually makes a ton of sense. While Tywin and Roose met grim ends similar to the ways in which the Starks were killed at the Red Wedding, Frey's death by throat slit perfectly matches Arya's modus operandi when she killed Ser Meryn Trant. Furthermore, It would be a serious injustice to her character to have fought against and, ostensibly learned something from, The Waif and Jaqen when it comes to acting one of the Faceless Men. If she incorporated those Faceless killing skills (e.g. literally wearing the face of Frey's son) into her revenge plot, then she gets to channel Lady Stoneheart without actually raising a zombie. In an ideal situation, Arya lands in Westeros, makes her way to Casa Frey where the banquet is beginning, kills and takes the face of Frey's son, Black Walder (seen sitting to Frey's left in the season finale promo), then sits through the banquet where she then gloriously avenges the deaths of her family in front of a banquet hall full of men.

To date, this is still one of the best Lady Stoneheart theories that's been suggested. While Catelyn and Robb Stark may not literally come back from the dead, Arya's training to wear the faces of those who are dead means she can "resurrect" a pivotal character. In this case, we swap out Catelyn (in old Arya/Lady Stoneheart lore) for Black Walder and voila! You have an character coming back from the proverbial dead (a.k.a. "Stonehearting it") and get the major Red Wedding revenge that's been building up. Arya deserves to go back to the hall where her family was unjustly and cruelly murdered; this theory allows her to cross one final name off her list before heading home to Winterfell to see Sansa and Jon.

The Season 6 finale is days away and I'm already chomping at the bit to see what happens. Arya has had a slower-moving storyline this season, despite the violence, and I think this would be a fitting cap to her season arc.

Also, I just want to have the chance to rejoice at one of the dozens of Lady Stoneheart theories finally coming true.

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