Glenn Of 'BB18' Isn't A Fan Of The Season's Twists

The game of Big Brother can often be an unforgiving experience. It's especially rough for those who leave the house early, such as Glenn Garcia, who was evicted from Big Brother 18 before the game even truly began. Much like BB14's Jodi, who was evicted extremely early on in the process, it seems that Glenn never even got a fair chance to prove his ability to succeed at Big Brother. It takes a lot more than winning challenges to win Big Brother, but as Glenn learned, your whole game can unravel if you lose one competition too many. Glenn's early eviction was the first of what will surely be many heartbreaking moments caused by one of Big Brother's longest traditions: unpredictable twists that change the game. And as he told Bustle via email after his eviction, he did not like the twists that started so early this season.

"I don’t agree with [the returning houseguest twist]," Glenn said. "I am not a fan of it. I feel they had their opportunity once prior and it is so hard to get on the show that I think it is better for new people to get the opportunity." While Glenn was upset to lose his opportunity on the show at the hands of this twist, which brought back four houseguests that have competed on previous seasons, he is confident that his opinion regarding the twist could change. "If they decide to bring me back, then it is a different answer," he said.

As if the returning houseguest twist wasn't enough, Glenn was also faced with the brand new BB18 team twist, placing each of the 16 houseguests into teams of four. This also proved to be a major cause of Glenn's eviction, as his team lost the three challenges prior to the challenge that resulted in him being sent home. "I was not a fan of the team twist," he said. "I would have been ok with it if it was different teams chosen for every competition but I was not a fan of having the same team for every competition."

Although Glenn is no longer in the house, he still has high hope for those who remain on Big Brother 18 and thinks that right now, Bridgette has the best shot at winning. "She is the sweetest girl in the world and she doesn’t pose as a threat," he said. Unfortunately, thanks to the many twists that kicked off this season of Big Brother, Glenn will have to root for Bridgette from home with the rest of us fans.

Images: Monty Brinton/CBS; Giphy