9 Memes That Celebrate The Fourth Of July

Not a holiday can go by without a slew of memes taking over the world wide web. Fortunately these Fourth of July memes hold their own in the humor department. From the firework fears that trouble dogs on the celebratory day to the endless firework videos that take over your Facebook feed during the evening, nothing's off limits with these hilarious memes. (And obviously a Star Wars pun had to be included... because Harrison Ford.)

Barbecues, American flags, fireworks, and sparklers... these are only some of the things that come to mind when thinking of the Fourth of July. Hopefully what's coming to your mind first and foremost, however, is the pursuit of liberty that the holiday represents. On July 4th, 1776 America declared independence from Britain, and well, the rest is history.

All that being said, while the Fourth of July is definitely a time to be contemplative and respectful of this amazing country that you live in, that doesn't mean you can't poke a little fun at the way we celebrate the holiday today. There is nothing wrong with having a good laugh, and thanks to the world of social media, that is easy to come by these days.

You know, just two eagles, chatting it up.

Sorry I'm not sorry.

For real though.

When will people learn?

The pictures are worse than the videos...

This meme was just too great to pass up.

It's a message worth spreading.

Cats too!

You can always count on Ron Swanson to tell it how it is.

Images: MemeCenter