Audrina Patridge Welcomes Baby Kirra Max Bohan & She's Going To Be The Cutest Mom On The Planet

Fun news for fans of The Hills! (Which, let's be real, should be everyone.) According to People, Audrina Patridge and fiancé Corey Bohan welcomed their first baby, Kirra Max Bohan, on Friday June 24. I have always been a big fan of The Hills but an even bigger fan of Audrina's, so, naturally, this baby news is literally filling me with pure joy. I mean, Audrina was always one of the best parts of The Hills. Let's be real: She was always the most chill, the most real, and one the quirkiest back in the show's heyday. Even better, these days, she's been cultivating a personal brand that continues to reflect that. Yaas, Audrina! Live your best life.

Patridge and Bohan got engaged back in November, but they've been sweethearts for years. They met during The Hills , dating casually before Patridge decided she wanted keep him separate from the pervasive drama of the final season. Luckily for us Hills fanatics, they paired up again and officially became the cutest couple from the show. The two have legit been inseparable — bless — with Patridge letting us in via her social media on her growing baby excitement that she and Bohan have shared over the last few months. I'm convinced from Patridge's breezy Cali lifestyle and her adorbs blog that reflects it may signal that she will be the sweetest mom on the planet.

Patridge has been documenting her preparations for baby Bohan for months now, and it's just too cute. A week ago, she was getting some last-minute baby prep in on Father's Day, making sure that the car seat and blanket were fully prepped. She captioned another earlier Instagram with, "It's going to be weird not having a belly soon or feeling little kicks punches and hiccups allll [sic] the time, I'm so used to it now and am loving it. I've had a pretty good pregnancy so I'm very thankful for that and also for good genes..." There's been so many pink, heart-shaped things, sunny Instagrams, and sweet sentiments all over Patridge's blog and social media that you can practically feel the motherly love through your screen. Just look at this tweet she posted on June 21:

This is only going to be the beginning of cute things for the Bohan fam, I'm sure. Are you as ready as I am to keep up with the newest, tiniest addition to The Hills family?