Stars Shell Out Up To $1,200 For Pre-Oscar Facials, Because You Gotta Glow On The Red Carpet

How much would you pay to look red-carpet ready? Like, would you sell your first born to eviscerate every zit on your face? E! Online reports that stars pay up to a whopping $1,200 for pre-Oscars facials, which is more than Hannah Horvath asked for her parents for a month of rent on the first episode of Girls.

BUT THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE! (Not really, because Oscar-nominated starlets generally get to return to the Awards the following year, unless they boycott it or declare Hollywood a state of anarchy or whatever.) THIS IS A ONCE IN A SEASON EXPERIENCE! It's obviously imperative to stars who will have tons of paparazzos snappin' pics of them all night long, and who want to have skin that glows brighter than the golden statuettes. These pictures will LIVE ON in tabloids and on the Internet! ONE ZIT WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING. MUST. GET. $1,200. FACIAL.

So where does one get one these facials that cost about as much as two years worth of manicures (THINK ABOUT IT)? Dr. David Colbert, a dermatologist from New York, has set up a pre-Oscars clinic in Beverly Hills, so stars can come during this time of panic and dermatological crisis and get a rosy glow that only money can buy. And fear not, those who are on-the-go and might be late to spin class, it's a quick version of his Triad procedure, and it only takes twenty minutes of your time!

The procedure goes from $800 to $1,200 (whew, so you CAN save a couple hundred bucks!), but the price varies based on the strength of the chemical peel used and the number of laser pulses that happen during the procedure.

The original procedure is a three-part facial, and takes about 30 minutes. (So this new one is ten minutes shorter, because it's OSCAR SEASON. We're so crunched for time on looking stunning!) The procedure exfoliates using microdermabrasion, boosts collagen with laser toning, throws in some lavender flower acid and uses some of Colbert's own products, so you can leave with a stunning glow and a skinny wallet.

Obviously it works, though, and Hollywood is going nuts for it. Rachel Weisz, Robin Wright, Emma Stone (pictured above, with her pre-facial skin that already glows!), and Heidi Klum all have booked facials for Oscar night. tWe have something in common! I, too, am getting a beauty procedure on Sunday, but it's a manicure. No lavender flower acid for me this weekend!