Beyonce Surprises The 2016 BET Awards

All hail Queen Bey! It was heavily rumored — especially when all of her dancers walked the red carpet — that Beyoncé would be performing at the 2016 BET Awards on Sunday. But she still shocked the entire audience, as well as everyone tweeting at home, when she slayed the BET Awards with a surprise performance of "Freedom" alongside Kendrick Lamar. The powerful opening number — in which the Queen literally walked on water and danced through fire — was filled with the kind of high-level energy that we can only expect from immensely talented superstars like Bey and Lamar. To say that the number was breathtaking would be a severe understatement: It packed a punch like no other, boldly reminding everyone exactly why it is that the rapper and singer are as revered (and heavily awarded) as they are. KEEP SLAYING.

While the entire audience went wild AF during the performance, the audience at home was losing it just as rapidly, frantically tweeting their reactions as fast as they could type. Every red carpet host and announcer associated with the 2016 BET Awards couldn't stop hyping just how lit the show would be Sunday night — and it immediately lived up to its promise with the Bey/Lamar performance alone. What a way to open a show.

Check out a clip of Beyoncé and Lamar's 2016 BET Awards performance in the video above — and be prepared to be converted to the Church of Queen Bey. She just kills it, every time.