11 Wells Instagram Posts That Reveal 'The Bachelorette' Star's Post-Show Life

Wells Adams made quite a first impression on JoJo Fletcher and The Bachelorette fans when his limo arrival included an a capella serenade by R&B group All 4 One. But what other tricks could be up this radio DJ's sleve? I'm not sure what the future holds for JoJo and Wells, but I do know The Bachelorette 's Wells Adams' Instagram account reveals so much about his life outside of the show. On The Bachelorette, viewers learned that Wells isn't quite that good at fireman and football challenges, but that's OK, because he's got many other talents.

The Nashville DJ seems to know his music and, according to his IG, recently attended the famous Bonaroo Music Festival in nearby Manchester, Tennessee. He also has an adorable dog named Carl who has his own Instagram account at @carlthebloodhound, because all the cool dogs are on social media these days. He even took to the photo sharing service to tell the threesome story that was teased, but not included in a previous episode, leaving fans totally disappointed. See, social media can do some good and correct the wrongs.

Check out all that has been revealed on Wells' Instagram account below to learn more about JoJo's suitor.

1. He Went To Bonaroo

Color me jealous. This is one of the biggest and most fun music festivals and Wells looks happy to be there.

2. He Spents Time With His Dog

Meet Carl the Bloodhound of Instagram fame. Wells has lots of photos on his IG with his cute pup.

3. He's Good Friends With James T.

In the caption to this photo, Wells calls him "such a good man." Aw, some people are on The Bachelorette to make friends.

4. He Has A Sense Of Humor About Himself

Wells regularly posts fan memes from The Bachelorette, showing he's totally having fun with it all.

5. He Supports A Good Cause

Wells posted this image, promoting new shirts that'll help benefit the Nashville Humane Society.

6. He Read The Catcher In The Rye As A 5th Grader

Wells posted this random snap of his 5th grade copy of the J.D. Salinger novel inscribed with all of his favorite bands.

7. He's A Runner

He posted this photo of him and his sister after running a 15-kilometer race.

8. His Threesome Story

The story finally is revealed and it's pretty hilarious.

9. He Plays The Lottery, Too

Because when it's a big jackpot, how could you not?

10. He's On Snapchat

In the caption, Wells wrote that his snaps are mostly of his dog and "other shenanigans."

11. He Knows How To Have Fun

Whether it's at a trampoline park (above) or elsewhere, it's clear from Wells' IG that he knows how to have a good time.

But will JoJo find that she has the best time with Wells? She just might, but fans will have to keep watching to know for sure.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC