What Does "Bedlam" Mean For 'Pretty Little Liars'? Season 7 May Take Us To Some Dark Places

Pretty Little Liars has taken some dark turns over the years. but Season 7 has been the weirdest and most sinister yet. —Hanna is kidnapped, Mary Drake (aka the twin sister of Jessica DiLaurentis) is back in town, and in perhaps the worst turn of events of all, Ali has married Dr. Elliott Rollins, which seemed like a good idea at the time… until it was revealed that Rollins was actually in love with Charlotte and is working with Mary to avenge her death. Things are bad, and to reflect this, the second episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 7 is called “Bedlam,” which only suggests even darker twists ahead.

Merriam Webster lists the definition of bedlam as the following: a place, scene, or state of uproar and confusion. It also lists an "obsolete" definition as "madman, lunatic" and notes that if capitalized, it could mean "a lunatic asylum." So it seems that in addition to the true definition, Bedlam was also a derogatory way to refer to mental institution, which is very fitting for what is happening on Pretty Little Liars right now.

Remember how I said Ali married Rollins and he wants vengeance? Well, he wants vengeance on Ali because he thinks she killed Charlotte, and he only married Ali so he could gaslight her, take all her money, and have her put into a mental hospital as punishment for Charlotte’s death. Nice guy, eh? He admitted his deed to Ali in the first episode of Season 7, so she knows what’s going on, but Ali still feels really guilty about something. Of what we’re not quite sure yet. I really don’t think that Ali killed Charlotte, but it’s not like she’s not capable of causing great pain. Pretty Little Liars is in a state of literal bedlam (every definition of the word, as it were), and there are a few ways this could go.

Ali Gets Away From Rollins

Toward the end of the first episode, Rollins basically tells Ali that she’s under his control and that he’s punishing her, before injecting her with something. Is it a truth serum? Is it a magic potion? Is it a sedative (probably a sedative)? My hope is that Ali can get away from him long enough to not have that medicine in her system and remember that she is not actually hallucinating and that her husband has been doing her wrong.

Ali Is Kept In The Hospital Forever & The Liars Can’t Save Her

Basically, Ali is stuck in the mental hospital forever, Rollins still has control of her, and the Liars, though they know there is something really, really wrong with Rollins, can’t figure out what it is. So they have to leave Ali in the mental hospital to languish, which Mary Drake would love as payback.

The Liars Get Ali Out & Put Rollins In Jail

How much poetic justice would there be if the Liars are able to find out who Rollins really is, get Ali out of the hospital, and put Dr. Rollins away for the crimes he’s committed? I’m not sure what he’s done, but with a dastardly plan like the one he has for Ali, you know there have been tricks before and there will be tricks after.

Though it's not guaranteed by any means, I really hope that Ali gets out of the hospital soon. As much as she’s not my favorite character, I can’t stand to see someone so helpless. She's stuck for now, but it’s my wish that the Liars are able to figure this bedlam out and save Ali before it's too late.

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