7 Books To Read In The Morning

by Melissa Ragsdale
Mladen Sladojevic/E+/Getty Images

We talk a lot about what books to read in bed before going to sleep. But for me, one of the most fulfilling sensations is waking up and reading. Mornings have their own special magic to them. There's something so deeply satisfying about spending your first moments of the day with a book. Or even better, blowing off your responsibilities and spending the entire morning reading in bed.

Plus, since moving to NYC, I've been fascinated by how many people read on the subway on their way into work. If you want to feel like literacy is alive in America, ride the subway during rush hour. You see everything — from heavy classics to breezy beach reads. We New Yorkers lead a million lives before even having our first cup of coffee.

So, this list is filled with books that are soothing, beautiful, and intimate. Books that you'll find a deep connection with, books that will bridge the gap between being asleep and being awake. Books that will feel like you're meditating as you read them, and books that will awaken you to new, wonderful worlds.

Whether you're looking for something to read while munching on breakfast in bed, or the perfect companion to your commute to the office, these books well go down fabulously in the A.M.

1. The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter

I found this book on the staff picks shelf of Greenlight Bookstore, with the note that it's perfect for a rainy day. Really, any day is worth getting wrapped up in this exquisite book. This is the imaginative, intimate story of Malanie, who's sent to live with relatives in London.

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2. The Metaphysical Ukulele by Sean Carswell

A charming collection of short stories about famous writers, Sean Carswell threw a ukulele into each one of these pieces.

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3. Two Years, Eight Months, and Twenty-Eight Nights by Salman Rushdie

With his beautiful storytelling and playful grip on the universe, Salman Rushdie will delight you with this novel set in a magical realist version of NYC, a city caught between the forces of warring djinns.

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4. Dreamtigers by Jorge Luis Borges

If you want to feel like you're still in the sleeping world just a little longer, let Borges take the wheel. Exploring the space between the real and dreaming world, this literary masterpiece will light up your imagination.

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5. Land of Love and Drowning by Tiphanie Yanique

If you want to be swept away into another time and place, this book is certainly for you. Pulling from the history of the Virgin Islands, Tiphanie Yanique spins a beautiful story that will waken you in infinite ways.

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6. Lily and the Octopus by Steven Rowley

This sweet, emotional novel is one that you'll want to curl up with and hold close all morning long. This is the story of a man whose best friend is a dachshund named Lily. When he discovers that Lily has grown a tumor, this story unfolds into a special journey about finding companionship.

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7. Dear Mr. You by Mary-Louise Parker

Wonderfully poetic, this book is filled with actress Mary-Louise Parker's letters to the men in her life. Intimate and heartfelt, you'll be drawn into this book completely.

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Images: Mladen Sladojevic/E+/Getty Images