Blac Chyna Joins Mariah Carey On Stage & The Whole Thing Is Impossibly Cute — VIDEO

When Mariah Carey, clad in a Jessica Rabbit-style ruby gown, tickles you with a pink feather, it should be sexy. When a ripped, shirtless hunk of a dancer teases you with a lap dance, it should be sultry. But when Blac Chyna went up on stage at Carey's concert over the weekend, the whole thing just wound up being more adorable than NSFW. Probably because Chyna's excitement was at kid-on-Christmas levels and also she may actually be the cutest pregnant person alive.

Carey, whose #legendstatus earned her her very own Las Vegas residency, brought Chyna on stage Saturday night for a very special treat. Rob Kardashian's fiancée, who is carrying the heir to the Kardashian throne, laid in the luxurious stage bed as the iconic singer serenaded her with "Touch My Body" and a male dancer shook it right in Chyna's blindfolded face, literally ripping his shirt right off. The whole scene would normally raise anyone's pulse up a few notches, but Chyna's happily shocked expression — along with her sweet stationary dance moves — actually made the moment pretty endearing.

Things got even more aw-inducing when Chyna exited the stage (flanked by two helpful escorts) and subsequently showed off her adorable baby bump in a skin-tight tan dress. I can't say it enough: Pregnant Blac Chyna is seriously the sweetest.

Chyna later took to Instagram to share her excitement about her on stage interaction with Carey, 'gramming the video of her appearance and using the crying emojis to accurately convey her enthusiasm for the entire event.

"It was truly a honor to grace the stage with Mariah tonight," she captioned the video, which you can check out above. "The show was amazing & she was gorgeous!"

Gorgeous and talented she is for sure, but needless to say it was Chyna's own stage moment that made headlines. And while it gained attention because of the association with Carey — and for that lap dance — in my opinion, the most headline-worthy part is simply just how cute a pregnant Blac Chyna is, and just how excited she was to share the stage with such an icon. Fangirling for real.