Feel Fresher For Longer After Showering With 10 Items That Actually Work

When it comes to hygiene tips to help you feel fresh long after showering, I’m in the “less is more” club. Over the past few years in an attempt to get a deeper clean from showering, I’ve watched the unnecessary bottles, soaps, and moisturizers disappear from my shower shelves and bathtub corners. My bathroom has a few select things that I really and truly believe in — the solutions with all-natural ingredients that help my body’s built-in cleansing functions, instead of inhibiting them.

The main thing to know about feeling fresh all day long is that your skin is populated with tons of little microbes. They’re basically healthy strands of bacteria that live (or should live) on the surface of one’s skin, and they do a great job of fighting against bad bacteria that cause odor, infections, and breakouts. When we use things like antibacterial soaps, chemical-laden moisturizers, harsh water, and synthetic deodorants, we’re wiping out all of these good strands and making way for the bad bacteria to flourish. That, in turn, leaves you feeling oily and less-than-fresh. Here are the best ways to hack your shower routine (and your body’s natural cleansing functions), so you can feel fresher for way longer.

1. Filter Your Water To Stop Excess Oil Production

RainDisc Filtered Showerhead , $39, Amazon

Your body reacts to the chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals in your tap water, which prompts your skin to create more oil to compensate for the dryness. But this RainDisc filtered showerhead cleans up to 97 percent of impurities, has a no-tools-necessary installation, and its sleek chrome finish will look great in any bathroom.

2. Resist The Urge To Over-Exfoliate

Vivre Jolie Konjac Sponges , $12, Amazon

Over-exfoliating not only gets rid of the dead skin cells — it sheds the healthy ones, too, which disrupts your natural barrier and causes oil production and breakouts. Exfoliate gently with these all natural Vivre Jolie konjac sponges. They’re super soft, but gently buff away dead skin and impurities with their pH-balancing charcoal infusions.

3. Keep Skin Flora In Tact With An Organic Soap

Organic Coconut Oil Soap , $14, Amazon

It’s really important to steer clear of synthetic antibacterial soaps because when they wipe out your good skin flora, the bad odor-causing bacteria can come back with a vengeance. This organic coconut oil soap is made from hydrating and cleansing coconut oil, which is gentle and safe for all types of skin. It smells incredible, and it leaves skin feeling super clean and smooth.

4. Skip The Shampoo To Control Oily Hair

Renpure Rosemary Mint Cleansing Conditioner , $7, Amazon

If hair starts to feel oily halfway through the work day, reach for Renpure's rosemary mint cleansing conditioner. Unlike harsh shampoos, it cleanses hair without disrupting your scalp’s oil production. This one has a refreshing mint scent, and it’s made without sulfates, parabens, or dyes. Reviewers say that they’ve finally found the balance between hydrated and clean.

5. Replenish Healthy Microbes On Your Skin

Dermatic Probiotic Spray , $20, Amazon

If you regularly replenish your skin’s beneficial bacteria, you’re supporting your body’s natural ability to keep you fresh and clean on its own. Dermatic's probiotic spray has up to 100 million strands of probiotics, but it skips all the chemicals and alcohols. Reviewers say it also works on eczema, rashes, breakouts, and psoriasis, as well as keeping your skin clean and protected.

6. De-Stress With Aromatherapy To Feel Fresh

'Oh My Pounding Head' Shower Vapour (4-Piece), $23, Amazon

When you’re stressed, your body produces cortisol, which in turn amps up the oil and sweat production, causing you to feel less than clean during the day. Relax your body and mind with these aromatherapy tablets that use an essential oil blend of lavender, peppermint, and orange to calm you (they're crafted with headache-soothing in mind, too). They’re made with real essential oils that fill your shower with a soothing steamy aroma — just unwrap it, place it on the shower floor, and let your worries fizz away. (You can also find a set that combats stuffy noses, hangovers, and feeling tired).

7. Hydrate Skin While You’re Wet

Amaki Nourishing Body Oil , $23, Amazon

It might sound counter-intuitive, but keeping your skin hydrated stops it from producing excess sebum to compensate for dryness. Amaki's nourishing body oil uses essential oils that help keep you smelling incredible all day long. It’s super lightweight, absorbs easily into skin, and uses the below healing and hydrating oils:

· Argan

· Jojoba

· Sweet Almond

· Rosehip

8. Apply A Natural Body Mist Right Out Of The Shower

Aura Cacia Clearing Eucalyptus Body Mist , $9, Amazon

Eucalyptus is naturally antibacterial and deodorizing, which is what makes this Aura Cacia clearing Eucalyptus body mist an awesome after-shower spray. It’s made entirely from pure essential oils, and it comes in a sturdy and easy-to-use spray bottle. One excited reviewer says, “Love this spray! My home smells like spa.”

9. Use Bamboo To Stop The Spread Of Germs

Heavy Plush Bamboo Ribbed Bath Towel , $40, Amazon

Your bath towel might just be one of the biggest sources of germs in your entire house, so switching to a bamboo towel is a great idea because they’re antimicrobial (to prevent germs) and they dry much faster than cotton (to stop the growth of mold and mildew). This Heavy Plush bamboo ribbed bath towel is super -oft and luxurious, but also extra easy to care for, as it’s durable and machine-washable.

10. Use An All-Over Natural Body Deodorant

Lafe's Natural Crystal Deodorant Stone , $3, Amazon

This Lafe's Natural crystal deodorant stone is entirely natural, as it’s made from mineral salts, but when rubbed on your skin, these minerals interact with odor-causing bacteria to keep them under control. It’s safe for use all over, and it won’t leave any kind of sticky residue. This one also comes with a dish, so it looks less like a full-body deodorant and more like a classy shower decoration.

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