Barkhad Abdi Made $65K for 'Captain Philips': How Do This Year's Best Supporting Actor Nominees Compare?

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He recently won the BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor, and Barkhad Abdi also recently revealed that he is broke. The Somali-American actor worked as a limousine driver, store clerk, and disc jokey before landing the role of Abduwali Muse on Captain Phillips. He made $65,000 for his performance in the film, but has not acted since then. For the last two years, he has been subsisting on a film salary that is approximately one twentieth of what Charlie Sheen made for every episode on "Two and a Half Men." Visiting Abdi's Wikipedia page is an exercise in tragicomedy, as he has twenty-nine award nominations for his only role thus far.

So, what did other Best Supporting Actor nominees make? How little were they willing to take for their supporting roles and a shot at an Oscar? Abdi is, surprisingly, not the lowest-paid actor in the group. This was his first Hollywood role, one capable of launching him to subsequent success, so the lower salary is part of getting a foot in door. Nonetheless, one hopes that Abdi finds work soon. The cost of living in Los Angeles for one year is greater than his salary for Captain Phillips , so he's reaching sink-or-swim territory. Let's take a look at the other nominees and their approximate salaries, as potential models for Abdi's future work and income.

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