Things Mentally Tough People Do Every Day

When I think about being strong, the first thing that comes to mind is an image of a Crossfitter lifting weights. However, there’s a kind of strength that might just be even more important than physical strength, and that’s mental strength. There are things mentally strong people do every day that can help give us a sense of what it means to be mentally tough, and how to get ourselves there. A lot of the healthy mental habits of these individuals revolve around successfully navigating emotions and thought patterns. As we’ll talk about below, mental strength is also built on setting goals and sticking to certain behaviors to keep the mind and body regimented.

Some people might believe mental strength is something you are either born with or not. I’ve always falsely assumed this to be the case as well. What I’ve found out is that this is far from the truth. Mental strength can be learned; it just might take a bit of practice and some patience in trying to perfect the ways of thinking and behaving. It’s all about establishing the right kinds of habits for yourself and sticking to them. Let’s make this foolproof for all of us by highlighting some of the habits people who are mentally strong have in common so that we can try to emulate them in our own lives. As you’ll see, the habits these people practice each day are fairly simple. With enough willpower you, too, can excel in this kind of strength. Here are 11 things mentally strong people do everyday.

1. They’re OK With Accepting Responsibility

Mentally strong people are not the kind to play the blame game, according to Inc. Rather, these people are OK with accepting responsibility for their mishaps, and, in turn, growing from their mistakes. Oppositely, those who aren’t mentally strong might tend to point the finger at others and/or make excuses for their mistakes.

2. They Set Clear Goals & Achieve Them

Goal setting is one of the key things mentally strong people do every day — whether that’s setting small goals to achieve during the day at hand, or working towards a bigger, long-term goal. Huffington Post said this is because having clear goals helps keep the mind moving towards success. On the path to achieving their goal, mentally strong people will be able to see any obstacles that present themselves as challenges instead of roadblocks, the outlet added.

3. They Solve Problems Versus Ignore Them

Business Insider quoted Amy Morin, psychotherapist and author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, who noted problem solving as a habit of mentally strong people. Morin said, “… mentally strong people refuse to engage in unproductive activities.”

Rather, she noted, they’ll spend their time getting to the bottom of problems and analyzing what went wrong in certain situations — whether in their work or personal life — and how to mend it and prevent it from reoccurring. Basically, their mind is always working to figure things out and improve.

4. They Avoid Feeling Sorry For Themselves

Feeling sorry for ourselves is just a giant waste of time. The mentally strong out there know this to be true. According to, these people no that it’s wasteful to use their precious time dwelling on their misfortunes. In fact, they might be so hell-bent on avoiding this habit that they don’t even know what self-pity is. They’re not ignoring their problems, though. Rather, they’re honest with themselves about the problems and work towards actively resolving them ASAP.

5. They Practice Confidence

Confidence is almost synonymous with mental strength. According to Forbes, mentally strong people have a knack for being confident, and it benefits them tremendously. In fact, the outlet cited a study that showed confident people in the workplace earned higher salaries and were more likely to get a speedy promotion.

6. They Embrace Being Unique

If mentally strong people don’t fit into a crowd, they couldn’t care less. According to, those who excel in the mental strength arena are those who don’t care about being in the “in” crowd, and they don’t care to try to. Instead, they’re focused on being the best version of themselves that they can be, despite if others think of them as uncool.

7. They Exercise

Looks like mental strength and physical strength might go hand-in-hand in a sense. Mentally strong people are those who start their day with exercise, according to Inc. It’s not only about the physical benefits, though, as the outlet noted these people partake in the activity also as a way of establishing a routine for themselves and giving themselves a task to accomplish.

8. They’re Thankful

Aren’t grateful people simply the best? Well, in my opinion they are, anyway. Turns out these thankful folks are also some of the strongest mentally, as well. According to Huffington Post, mentally strong people are those who realize all of the good things they have in their lives, and regularly express gratitude for them.

9. They’re Great At Time Management

Let’s consider how mentally strong people manage their time for a moment. According to Morin, they’re excellent at it. This is because they look at the amount of time they have as a whole and try to come up with ways to make the most out of it. “Rather than waste energy dwelling on the past or resenting other people for taking up their time, they focus on more productive activities,” Morin told Business Insider.

10. They Don’t Need To People Please

There’s a difference between being kind to those around you and feeling like you need to people please at every turn. According to, mentally strong people are well aware of that difference. This means they avoid the need to constantly live their lives to make other people happy, as this in turn can dwindle their own personal happiness.

11. They Stay In The Drama-Free Zone

Last, but certainly not least — let’s quickly talk drama. This is something mentally strong people avoid at all costs. Even when potentially dramatic situations pop up throughout the day, these people are excellent at defusing the situation quickly, according to the experts at Robert Half Management Resources. Plus, they never are the ones to start drama.

Building up your mental strength can be as easy as following some of the daily habits we’ve talked about above. By training your mind to work in these ways, you can quickly and easily find yourself feeling stronger than ever before.

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