How To Use Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

If you've been looking for a luminous highlight but haven't found the perfect one for you, your wait may be over. These new liquid highlighter drops are so versatile, anyone can use them anywhere. Here's how to use Cover FX Customer Enhancer Drops.

I first heard about the new Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops while browsing my Snapchat feed. In it, YouTube beauty blogger and makeup artist Jaclyn Hill was raving about yet another highlighter. Since highlighters are the trend of the summer, I didn't pay much attention to yet another highlighting product. Boy, was I mistaken. These drops make you sit up and take notice, and the product's versatility make them a must-have in every makeup bag.

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops, $42, Sephora

Cover FX released six universal shades — two bronzing and four illuminating shades. According to Sephora, the "Custom Enhancer Drops were formulated with a high concentration of pearls that produce a lit-from-within glow without appearing too glittery or overdone. The more drops you use, the more luminosity you’ll get. The result is a beautiful, camera-ready, radiant finish." Count me in! The shades range from pink to gold, copper and a deep, almost russet brown. You can even mix shades together to create a custom color.

So how should you use these drops? Here's a few ideas.

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops, $42, Sephora

1. Use As Primer

You can give yourself a "glow from within" by blending this metallic highlighter into your primer, or just using it alone as a primer. They're extremely pigmented, so just a drop or two goes a long way.

2. Mix With Foundation

A great way to "summer-ize" your foundation is my mixing a luminous cream product into your foundation. It'll sheer out your foundation for a lighter, brighter finish.

3. Use Under Powder Highlight

Jaclyn Hill mixed Celestial and Sunlight for a primer for her powder highlight. If you want to set your under eye with powder, do this step first! Powders and creams shouldn't mix if you can help it — the inconsistency of formula may break up your overall look.

4. Mix With Sunscreen

If you're headed to the pool, a drop or two of Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops mixed into your sunscreen will give you an all-over highlight that's perfect for hanging out poolside. Hit the tops of your shoulders and chest, where the sun hits your body naturally.

5. As A Bronzer

Use the drops over a powder bronzer to add a deep, sun-kissed glow.

6. Mix With Cream Blush

Since a few of the shades have a pink or red tint, I love the idea of mixing these with, or using them over or under your blush.

Image: Cover Fx/Instagram