'Real Housewives Of Orange County Star' Vicki Gunvalson Is Never, Ever Leaving The Bravo Series (Woo Hoo?)

The OG Housewife is sticking around for a looong time. Basically, Vicki Gunvalson is never leaving Real Housewives of Orange County. The Housewife who loves whooping it up told Entertainment Tonight, "When God is ready for it to end, it will end. I just pray about it, and when the timing is right, it will end. This Real Housewives of Orange County is not going to go on forever is it? Am I going to be in a walker, like 'Tamra, do I need more Botox?'" Either that is great news for huge Vicki fans or really disappointing news for those who are ready to see Vicki walk away for good.

Admittedly, I'm not Vicki's biggest fan. Though, I do admire her work ethic, her success, her determination, and her strength. I've just been over her drama and story line for a long time, but maybe she'll end up surprising me in Season 11. However, for those who are not channeling their inner Vicki and yelling "Woo hoo!" about her seemingly permanent stay, you just may have to hope for the worst. And by worst, I mean a RHOC cancellation. I know, harsh, but she sure made it clear that she will be on until the series comes to an official end. Let's face it, RHOC won't be cancelled anytime soon, because, duh.

I mean, Bravo could always ask Vicki to leave, but I doubt that will happen. She brings the drama, she's always in the middle of a huge argument with at least one of her costars, she's an original Housewife, and she causes enough controversy that gets fans talking. What more could the network want in a Housewives star? Yes, there's a chance Vicki might end up exiting of her own volition, but I think something major would have to happen for that to occur. As of right now, yeah, Vicki is here to stay.

As dreadful as that may sound to some RHOC viewers, I guess that means fans can expect some more entertaining moments from her, like the following, right?

More Terrifying Trips


Does it get better than this?

More Super Dramatic Lines


Oh, Vicki.

More Fantastic Facial Expressions



More Philosophical Moments


Way to bring the group down.

See? It's all about the silver lining.

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