Obama Will Make You Feel All The 'GoT' Feels

by Stephanie Casella

In another super-cool presidential moment, President Obama and BuzzFeed made a hilarious new video encouraging Americans to take voting seriously come November — and always! And, in the very exciting wake of the final episode of Game of Thrones season six, which aired Sunday night, the president revealed his own fandom for the fantasy series. The BuzzFeed short video, "5 Things That Are Harder Than Registering To Vote," shows President Obama acting out five actions that are actually quite tedious — one of which is naming each dead Game of Thrones character. I thought I loved the president before, but he has solidified his place in my heart forever.

Other tasks he lists in this video of frustrating activities more difficult than voter registration are making a friendship bracelet, stacking Cheerios, untangling headphones, and anything involving the game Operation. Those are tangible and physically challenging annoying tasks, not requiring strength, only dexterity, balance, and possibly small fingers (here's looking at you, Trump), but naming the myriad of dead people on Game of Thrones is the single task on the president's video list that requires real memory recall skill. If he could do that — and honestly, I don't know anyone who actually could — I think he'd meet the eligibility requirements to sit on the Iron Throne. Just saying.

As the president puts it, "That stuff's hard, but you know what isn't? Registering to vote."

In any case, the greater message in this clip is that voting is a vitally important task in which Americans should actively take part. It is a civic duty, and a right of all Americans. Although it is also within Americans' right to choose not to vote, it evades me why any person would wish to relinquish or opt out of that power.

Americans do have the power to shape the country's course, and taking that power for granted is a shame. Ned Stark wouldn't forfeit his right to a vote. Jon Snow wouldn't do it — just look at how many conferences occurred at Castle Black and Winterfell. They take that stuff seriously, and that's a fictional series! So although an American has the choice to vote or abstain, it's worth looking into why a person might choose the latter path. If the reason is because it takes too much effort to register, think again! President Obama did a quick, concise, and effective job of clarifying that fabrication. If you aren't yet registered, there are plenty of resources to help get you there!