'Real Housewives' Teresa and Joe Guidice Plead Guilty to Fraud, & There's More

Unfortunately, it looks like the real life drama for the the Real Housewives of New Jersey alums is only getting started. If you recall, Teresa and Joe Giudice were prosecuted for tax and fraud charges last year — 41 charges — including mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, loan application fraud, and bankruptcy fraud. The couple is also being charged for withholding information on their income in order to file for bankruptcy, as well as forging documents in order to gain around $5 million in mortgages and loans.

Initially, the Italian born defendants had plead not guilty to two charges back in November, but have since changed their tune. The Giudice's will reportedly plead guilty to several counts of their 41 count fraud indictment and will stand trial March 4th, as part of a plea deal. The plea is explained as "packaged deal" meaning that one spouse cannot plead guilty without the other. This by no means exonerates them, though. According to US Weekly, fines, probation, and jail time are all sentences still hanging over their heads. Season 6 of RHONJ is in the middle of filming and it looks like audiences will get the behind the news scoop of how the family of six is handling their legal troubles.