'American Horror Story' Finally Drops A Clue About Season 6

Fear not, American Horror Story fans, for Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s freaky show will be back before you can say “Golden Globe winner Lady Gaga!” In a recent interview with OUT magazine, American Horror Story: Hotel star Cheyenne Jackson revealed filming has commenced on the sixth season of the horror series, but that’s not the only big news: On Monday, the AHS social media accounts' profile pictures changed. As E! Online points out, the AHS profpics now depict a spooky question mark/six hybrid thing. Ooo, but what does it meeeeean?!

Do you know what you get when you add the number six to a question mark? A SCYTHE. That totally looks like a scythe right? On second thought, maybe that’s a talon? Or maybe that’s an eyeball wearing a monocle? Or maybe Captain Hook snagged his hook on one of the ship's ropes? You know what? I’m going with the monocle. American Horror Story: Monocle has a fun ring to it, doesn't it?

I can see it (har har har) now: When a family moves into a Craftsman-style bungalow in Northern California, they find an old monocle in the attic. They figure the previous owners must've left it behind accidentally. Little do they know that it was the opposite of an accident. Things start to take a turn for the dark when the new residents attempt to return what they assume is a beloved heirloom to the people who called the house home before them. The monocle doesn't want to leave the house, and it will stop at nothing to stay in that attic.

Even if that means MURDER.

...Er maybe it’s just the number six and a question mark and I need to chill out?