9 Ways To Stay Cool And Comfortable During Sex

I’m the type of person who overheats during everything, and that first bead of sweat is equivalent to an off switch for me. Keeping cool during sex is a valid and common topic of research for me. Why? When I overheat during sex (just like when I overheat during anything else), I stop right where I am, start fanning my face, make a few distress noises, and generally refuse to continue until I’ve cooled down. Basically, I’m a huge baby about sweating when I don’t want to be sweating.

It’s totally natural to heat up while you’re getting hot and heavy with someone. Your hormones are flaring, your body is moving, your heart is racing, and there’s a whole lot of friction going on. All of these things (especially the combination of them) can make you overheat during sex and cause the temperature in the room skyrocket, but no worries — there are definitely ways to keep cool during sex. Sure, you can move to a chillier room or grab a few ice cubes, but sometimes, that’s just not a viable option. Here are the best ways to turn your room into the sex-equivalent of an icebox, so you can focus less on the heat and more on the action that’s causing it.

1. Choose A Cooling Massage Oil

Banyan Botanicals Pitta Massage Oil, $25, Amazon

Oils react with your skin in certain ways to either heat you up or cool you down, and this Banyan Botanicals pitta massage oil contains nine organic herbs that leave your body feeling cool, comfortable, and relaxed. It’s totally natural and kept in a BPA-free bottle for your safety, and while it’s great for not-so-hot hot massages, reviewers say that their skin also looks especially radiant afterwards.

2. Make Every Surface A Chilling Experience

Cool Care Technologies Cool Body Pad, $67, Amazon

When you need to really chill the hell out, this cooling pad from Cooling Care Technologies can be a lifesaver. It delivers an incredible wave of refreshing coldness and can keep you from overheating for up to three hours. Unlike other cooling pads that need to be refrigerated, this gel pad cools on its own and recharges after 15 to 20 minutes of non-use. Reviewers say it's especially good to put this under a bed sheet, or you can lie directly on it for a more intense sensation of relief.

3. Stimulate The Important Parts

Sensuva Organics Nip Zip Nipple Balm, $8, Amazon

This Sensuva Organics nip zip nipple balm is an all-natural balm for your nipples that keeps them moisturized, stimulated, and extra-cool. It has a rejuvenating tingly feeling, and it reviewers say it tastes great, too.

4. Counteract The Friction With A Cooling Lube

Climax Cooling Personal Lubricant, $9, Amazon

With all that friction going on, it’s a good idea to find a lubricant that cools on its own. This cooling lubricant from Climax is a fun little option that can help you feel nice and ready for another round, even when the mercury's rising. Water-based and enriched with soothing vitamin E, this lube has beads that burst on contact with skin and deliver an invigorating feel all night long.

5. Relax Your Eyes With This Cooling MASK

MediViz Cooling Mask, $19, Amazon

When you absolutely need some relief and just want to zone out for a bit, this freezer-friendly eye mask can cool you down completely. Great for treating itchy allergy eyes and sinus headaches, this mask is adjustable and works well if you freeze it for two hours in advance. Reviewers also say it's good for relieving dark circles under the eyes.

6. Find Sheets That Won’t Trap The Heat

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set, $27, Amazon

This Mellanni bed sheet set is made from extremely high-quality microfiber, and because of that, it’s silky soft, luxurious, and cooling. It allows heat to flow right through (so much so that a Texas reviewer says these are her go-to sheets to keep cool), and because this four-piece set is durable and easy to care for, they’re a number-one best seller.

7. Glass Sex Toys Can Go Right Into The Refrigerator

MyXToy Double Textured Clear Glass Toy, $15, Amazon

Glass sex toys might sound a little bit intimidating, but the fact that MyXToy is made out of borosilicate glass means that you can heat it or cool it to your liking. It’s double-sided for G-spot stimulation or ribbed pleasure, and because it’s hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and can be refrigerated, reviewers are pretty damn pleased.

8. Get A Fan You Can Put Anywhere

Avalon 6-Inch Clip-On Fan, $17, Amazon

Never underestimate the power of a conveniently-placed fan. This Avalon 6-inch clip-on fan is convertible, and it comes with a clip as well as a tabletop bottom, so you can place it anywhere and everywhere. Clip it to your bed or put it on your nightstand to enjoy two cooling speeds, no matter what it is that you’re doing.

9. Do It In The Shower (Safely)

Sportsheets Single Locking Suction Handle, $12, Amazon

Sex in the shower is an awesome way to regulate your body temperature, but I, among many other people, don’t have the coordination for that. This Sportsheets single locking suction handle makes sex in the shower a safe and fun activity with its lock-down suction areas and comfortable handle. Stick it to any tiled area for more leverage, balance, and pleasure.

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