Who Is Drew Mac From 'EJNYC'? You May Already Recognize The Star From 'Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills'

There were plenty of hints dropped throughout Season 4 of #RichKids of Beverly Hills about EJ Johnson was contemplating a major life change. It was, however, a pleasant surprise to realize that when he moved back to New York and started filming his spinoff series, EJNYC, that he'd be bringing such an entertaining group of friends (and family) along with him. For example, his friend Drew McNamera is costarring with EJ on the new show — and if you're wondering who is Drew Mac from EJNYC , then just think back to Rich Kids. Drew made several appearances on the show with EJ, and was described as one of EJ's closest friends.

In order to hang out with EJ, you have to be pretty special, especially if you're going to warrant a spot on not just one, but two TV shows. So Drew can hang in not just Beverly Hills, but also in New York City. From Rich Kids, Drew established that he can hold his own with the LA crew, but when it comes to EJ's New York friends, he's definitely the most laid back member of the group. I love how his energy is totally different than the rest of the cast, and while he hasn't featured heavily in the first two episodes of the season, here's everything there is to know about Drew that will make you a fan.

He's Got An Eye For Photos

Right now, DrewMacMusic doesn't have any music up on it right now, but it does have a ton of beautiful images. Seriously, he's more than just your average Rich Kid of Instagram.

He Met EJ Three Years Ago

Even though it seems like EJ and Drew go way, way back, they met just a few years ago. And according to the finale of Rich Kids , their chemistry was so instant that EJ's mom actually thought they were dating at first.

He Watched The Whole Anthony Scandal

The biggest argument of the first few episodes of EJNYC was whether or not Elisa should keep dating Anthony, a French model who supposedly flirted with/kissed EJ in order to hang out with their entourage, then shifted to Elisa. Drew had the best read on the now-dumped unwanted houseguest, calling his life story "Social Climbing for Beginners."

He's A Twitter Yoda

I can't tell if Drew's Tweets are super deep, or if he's just great at deadpan jokes. But, he doesn't go for the emoji-laden messages of his contemporaries, instead preferring to keep things short, simple, and unpunctuated.

He's Still Devoted To California

Even though EJNYC is, obviously, filmed in New York, I think Drew is still a Cali boy at heart, since his Instagram shows that he splits his time between the two coasts.

He's A Dancer And Choreographer

According to E!Online, Drew was a professional dancer, and he still does some choreography, like when he posted back in 2014 that he worked on Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" video.

And, He Was Once In A Boy Band

I'm so curious what Team This thinks of Drew's past as a member of I Am Him, a boy band from a few years ago. I, as a lowly non-famous, non-EJNYC star, think it's pretty awesome. Who gets to be in a boy band? His slight differences from the rest of the cast and his surprising past make Drew Mac one of EJNYC's most interesting cast members.

Image: Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment