Joey Fatone Is Opening A Hot Dog Shop & The Name Will Make You Do A Double Take

From *NSYNC boy band member to owner of a mall food stand. On Tuesday, it was announced that Joey Fatone is opening a hot dog stand, which will also sell Italian ices, in Orlando's The Florida Mall. Slated to officially open it's door (or maybe just window?) in August, Fatone is thrilled about his future business. "After years of working on television food shows, I'm excited to open this new venture which is a combination of who I am, where I'm from and where I've been," he said in a statement (via Billboard). So, what is the eatery going to be called? It is none other than Fat One's Hot Dogs & Italian Ice. That's right, you can now get yourself a "fat one" in between shopping.

I can't be the only one who's mind went to a dirty place upon learning the stand is named Fat One's. I mean, come on. What's the first thing you think of when hearing the words "fat" and "one" used side by side in a conversation? It probably isn't a hot dog.

Hey, even Lance Bass agrees with me. After his fellow *NSYNC member tweeted the news, Bass posted on Twitter, "This is just perfect. The perfect amount of wrong. Very @realjoeyfatone. #LanceEats #FatOnes." He is definitely referring to the name, right? Plus, if you read those hashtags as a sentence, well, yeah.

Obviously, it's not (just) meant to be dirty. If you split Fatone's last name, you get "fat" and "one." Also, according to Billboard, it's also a play on the 39-year-old star's "name and reputation for being the 'fat one' in the band." It is clever, I'll give him that.

Also, it seems like the former Dancing With the Stars contestant is putting his creativity to good use when it comes to the food. For example, The Orlando Business Journal reports that "the Boybander" will be available, which includes five mini hot dogs. He can't have a hot dog stand without attributing a dish to his days in *NSYNC, now can he? I applaud you, Fatone. My only suggestion is that one hot dog has ramen noodles representing Justin Timberlake's once very curly, white blond hair. That'd make the dish even more perfect.

As for the name? Well, I can't help that I will forever go to a dirty place when I hear "fat one," but it's definitely creative and a sure-fire way to get people talking.