In Case Kristen Bell Gets Hungry at the Oscars, She Packed a Burrito

While the rest of the actresses in Hollywood were busy prepping their clutches with various Oscar necessities like lip gloss, a tampon, and maybe a cell phone (if the clutch is big enough), Kristen Bell took a different approach to her red carpet accessory—she claims to be harboring a burrito in her purse. You know, just in case Wolfgang Puck has an off night cooking for the Governor's Ball later tonight.

Bell, who is at the Oscars this year as a star of the film, Frozen, a frontrunner to win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song, doesn't seem to be too concerned about her breath at the Oscars tonight. Bell took to Twitter just as the red carpet opened up to give her followers a sneak peak at her red carpet look for tonight, noting specifically that there is a burrito in her silver clutch.

However, we have our doubts considering that clutch seems a bit too tiny to handle a decently-sized burrito. Also, we hope the burrito is wrapped tightly because salsa spillage inside that satin clutch will be a bit tough to get out—we hope she has a Tide-To-Go pen with her, too. At least she doesn't have to sing tonight.