12 Things You'll "Mess Up" This Week, And Why You Should Forgive Yourself

Every Monday morning we wake up with aspirations of leading a better and more adult life. We take our anger towards the workweek and mold it into a progressive passion that sends us off into the office, punching our fists in the are to the imaginary tune of the Rocky soundtrack while we tell ourselves we're going to show this week who's boss. But then by Tuesday, we start to lose some of our fight. We start to slow down. We start to slide back into our mid-week complaint mode. All we want to talk about is how much we're looking forward to the weekend, how hard work is and we make excuses for why we can't live up to our Monday goals.

But that's OK. You don't have to pretend you're Beyoncé every day. It's great to set goals for yourself at the beginning of the week, and it's great to amp yourself up and send positive vibes into the days ahead, but it's also OK to screw up and lose your mojo. Because the great thing about mojo is that you can always get it back. I think Austin Powers said something like that. Maybe Gandhi. Forgot.

So instead of dipping into a self-loathing mentality, excuse yourself. These are 12 things you're going to mess up this week, and it's going to be just fine — because these are totally human things that we all do:

Miss A Gym Sesh

It's OK. There's always next time. Unless you're training for the Olympics, there's no reason to be hard on yourself over missing a day or two at the gym. Stress is worse for you than skipping a workout. The gym will live without you.

Screw Up An Email

It happens to the best of us. You were multitasking, you send the email to the wrong person. It's the tenth time you've done it. You really thought you'd be more careful. It's OK, you're human, not a machine. We all do it.

Forget To Call Someone Back

You keep missing a call from the same person and keep telling them that you'll call them right back and then forget every time. You're staring to feel really bad. It happens to everyone. Just let your friend know that you're busy and get back to them when you have time.

Gross Your Roommates Out

You really convinced yourself that you were going to keep the sink clean and your hair out of the drain this week, but fail again you have. Let them know you're having a hard week and make it up to them. We're not perfect.

Put A Pause In Your Health Food Kick

It can be hard to stay healthy. Sometimes it's quicker and easier to grab something that's not so good for you. If you happen to fall off the health wagon, don't fret, you'll get back on. One day isn't going to send you to the doctor.

Spend Money On Something Stupid

I know, I know, you promised yourself you would save this week and not waste money on something stupid like a new subway card because you left your old one at home or a new pair of shoes because yours are bothering you at work. But then life happened. You'll even out in the long run.

Stay Up Too Late

You got in bed early. You had every intention of falling asleep. But then Instagram stalking happened. And then Snaps. And then a deep dark web hole and 4 a.m. It's OK, you'll sleep when you're dead.

Waste Groceries

You were such a good adult on Sunday. You went to the grocery store and prepared for the whole week. But then you forgot that you wouldn't have time to go home after work and before your even and now your groceries are wilting in the fridge. Try to be better about it next time and plan ahead. We all do this.

Show Up Late To Work

This was going to be the week that you were early every day. But then rain happened. And faulty alarms. And delays. And traffic. It's not always your fault, you can only plan ahead so much. Forgive yourself and hope your boss does, too.

Canceling Plans Last Minute

No one wants to be the person who has a reputation for bailing last minute. It's not a good look. But sometimes you have no choice. Make sure you apologize and make it up to the person. Honesty is always the best policy here. Sometimes you just need to flake.

Your Perfect Work Streak

Of course you want to do well at work. Of course you want to go a whole week without screwing something up. But sometimes our streaks are long lasting. Sometimes we make little mistakes. Be OK with not being perfect. Just make sure you're trying your hardest.

An Important Bill

Deal with it as soon as you can. We all screw up important bills or letters every now and then. Schedule reminders in your phone if you have a habit of doing this. But once you've made a mistake — be it forgotten to pay a bill, respond to something that required an action, or addressed an issue — the damage is done. So don't beat yourself up over it. Just fix it when you can.

Images: Pexels, Giphy